RADVISION cloud video solution classic application scenarios

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With the advent of the "Cloud" era, the concept of a Unified Communication Platform has also been proposed. As one of the most important components of the communication platform, video conferencing has been repositioned, namely: you can freely interact with videos, sounds, and data anytime, anywhere, and on any network. RADVISION, a leading IP address, 3G network, and next-generation IMS unified video communication development tool, and video communication solution provider, has recently released two integrated cloud Video Solutions, that is, the "All-in-One" solution and the "Jiuzhou All-in-One" solution, in order to fully meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises for sharing applications, mobile videos, and terminal differentiation.

RADVISION cloud video solution classic application scenarios:

Scenario 1: When an Asia Pacific employee of Company A holds A multi-party video meeting with A foreign headquarters, the system can automatically identify the ID of each employee in the Asia Pacific region and connect the terminal of the employee to the MCU in Hong Kong, then, the unified exit from Hong Kong will be connected to the Headquarters using an international leased line, without having to rent an international leased line in the location of each Asia Pacific employee. This will undoubtedly greatly save the overhead of the long-distance network.

Scenario 2: Company E has more than employees and only purchased a set of "Jiuzhou" All-in-One solutions, but successfully deployed the high-definition conference on the desktop of every employee, because the system only limits the number of parameter meetings at the same time to no more than 9, and does not charge for the installation of copyright. In addition to cost saving, every employee of M Company can communicate via video at any time, effectively improving the daily work efficiency.

Scenario 3: G's marketing department manager is temporarily unable to attend the department manager meeting at three o'clock for some reason, and notifies the assistant to attend the meeting for him at. Then, the assistant only needs to use his computer to open IE, enter the unified meeting IP address of the company. Follow the prompts in the window to download and install a plug-in with a capacity of about 3 MB. The whole process takes only five minutes to join the meeting. Without copyright restrictions, the assistant can log on to the meeting with its own ID, without the need to know the manager's username and password.

Scenario 4: Company H's small Z is a regional sales manager working at home. The "" All-in-One plug-in is installed on the notebook, you can hold a high-definition video meeting with your colleagues at home using ADSL. Sometimes, when visiting a customer's company, we need to allow the customer's staff from multiple departments to communicate with our colleagues in a video. Mr. Z only needs to connect his notebook with the LCD TVs and projectors in the customer's conference room, the customer sat in the conference room to communicate with Xiao Z's colleagues in high-definition videos, and can modify and annotate the data files displayed on the projector at any time. Because the system supports dual-channel HD video and data, the display results of devices in the conference room are very clear and smooth.

Scenario 5: M has an office in Beijing and Shanghai, and has bought a set of "Jiuzhou" All-in-One solutions. When an office needs to hold a meeting over, it only needs to connect the two sets of solutions, and all participants only need to log on to the unified meeting IP address of the company, you do not need to deliberately set up logon to the Beijing or Shanghai systems.

Scenario 6: Company Y has deployed multiple video conferencing terminals of different brands. Each terminal is equipped with a different remote control. Each remote control has different buttons and operation rules, even the company's IT management personnel cannot perform operations one by one. However, the recently purchased "Jiuzhou" All-in-One solution is different. Every employee can easily manage and control meetings, because the iPad Management Conference interface provided by the system is very intuitive, touch-based, and dual-stream viewing, it is convenient and stylish to put in the conference room.

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