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entered the university for half a year, everyone said that software engineering is a very promising high-paying career, but I have been very confused this half a year, can't see their future, do not know how to spend the next 3.5 times, although I also think that software engineering is a promising professional, but after a semester of study, found not very easy to grasp, And it is said that the work is not enough to rely on what the teacher says. Too many questions filled my mind, also blocked my way forward. I think I need something to inspire me, and later the career planning teacher recommended to us this "I am an IT little bird", I believe this is a very wonderful book.

   The most important feature of this book, but also the most attractive place is real, more than 20 personalities, experienced different seniors learn to record their own education, job search track: There are successes and failures, there are laughter and tears, experience of the summary also has setbacks after the reflection. This is not a successful inspirational book full of flowers and applause, this is a true record of Chinese it students documentary and reflective record. The first article of Yu Yudong aroused my strong sympathy, especially his reflection on the environment, I think the national colleges and Universities of software colleges have this problem, that is, software college equivalent to the online games college. Should be as a learning tool of the computer, the majority of boys into the game consoles, girls of the DVD player. The overall learning atmosphere is not strong, the rest of the students are only limited to the study of teaching materials, the depth and breadth of knowledge is very limited. Is it the fault of our students? I think not all, when high school, every parents are so education children: as long as the admission to the university is easy, do not struggle. Let the children mistakenly think that the university is Heaven, is playing online games, the sister's place. Plus now the child is accustomed to the teacher parents forced to learn, to the university, suddenly no supervision, resulting in the "not University, is lonely" This situation,   so we need a book to tell us how to spend college time, how to learn IT professional courses, how to think, this book did.   at university, self-study is the majority, as Yixiaodong said, "There is a book and the internet company, not feel empty." For him, learned a lot of knowledge, for some students, but took a lot of detours, wasting a lot of time. Because reading too much is likely to become a nerd, Internet too much is likely to be a net worm. The most useless is the bookworm, there are countless in the game world of "Knight". Finally, back to what Yu Yudong said--The General foundation of the college students is weak. The idea of this book is visible everywhere. Knowledge sharing is the largest reuse---the idea of the guidance, the creation of the Toplanguage discussion group, bringing together the wisdom of the community to benefit the Quartet.
     Communication, can open up a person's vision, expand a person's thinking. At the same time can let oneself know more good friends.
    Everyone's thinking has a certain limitation, the same person's mind is always so there is a little common thought, each of us have a different experience, are running in the same direction, that is the truth. Exchanges find their own limitations, fill the gaps in their thinking, the common ideas in the exchange of a greater resonance.

Throughout the book, each of the protagonists have their own distinctive personality, unique life experience. Some people compare cattle, the university is not read Tsinghua is a very good school, but more people are more common. Although the experience of the cattle can not be copied, but their good learning methods and work with a clear plan and implementation, these are worth learning from the place. And for more ordinary people in the book, feel can learn and draw lessons from more. Most of them have gone through many detours in the process of learning knowledge, and these detours are very good for the readers.

After reading this book, I know that my way of studying is not lonely.
I am an IT small bird, but I firmly believe that one day I can fly!

Read I was an IT little bird feeling

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