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A recent reading of a family book written by Wang Xuan and his wife to two NIDs in early 1980s was a kind of spiritual shock and resonance.

The letter from the Wang Xuan couple was written on the eve of his niece's upcoming study abroad. The letter is not long and its words are plain and unpretentious. However, the letter is concise and concise. The opening of this book goes straight to the topic: "this time, when you two go out to study for a degree, you certainly want to get a doctorate. I believe it is not hard to do this, but it will inevitably be hard work, A person may struggle several times in his or her life, which is probably one time." However, what is even more shocking and deeply impressed us is to keep up with the following words: "If you say it again, it doesn't matter if you don't get a doctor. Do not put any mental burden on it to affect your body and spirit, some people have never obtained a degree at MIT (Editor's note: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and were forced out of school for a certain period of time, but have made outstanding contributions."

Next, we will also see that Wang Xuan and his wife are "the body is the first, and life must be regular" and "it is extremely important to organize and manage modern scientific research, learn a series of extremely simple and sincere advice, such as "maintaining the virtues of the East, taking the individual as the center, taking money first, and commercializing everything.

Although this is a family book, it does not cover the profound expectations of the academic predecessors for the spiritual life, mental state, and spiritual realm of young intellectuals!

In the course of the spiritual growth of young scholars, we always have to go through the storm and encounter all kinds of disappointments. You are diligent, but there are many people who work harder than you. You are smart, however, there are no more talented people than you. You are excellent, but there are countless people who are superior to you ...... Everyone is fighting on the road to success, but there are always only a few winners. Today we live in this highly competitive and high-tech era, an era of dramatic social changes, an era of building an innovative country that requires a large number of young academic talent groups, therefore, the postgraduate entrance exam, kaobo, and early delivery results ...... It has almost become the choice for most students. However, it may be a one-off error, a temporary negligence, or an accident ...... You have crossed your own goals. As a result, frustrated, complaining, depressed, and angry weeds are quietly filled with their hearts overnight-some people are panic and unconsciously confused; some are worried, as if the road to life is narrower and narrower; even more people are depressed, anxious, lost, and even inactive ......

A person's mental state actually reflects his spiritual life. The level of a person's spiritual realm determines his spiritual life and mental state. So, when you encounter all kinds of disappointments, where do you come from the confidence and confidence that you never give up? Where can we truly get rid of the secrets of fame and fortune from the bottom of my heart? Where can we find perseverance in the face of setbacks?

After reading the books of Wang Xuan and his wife, we heard the pertinent, objective, and far-sighted analysis from the two scientists. Wang believes: "It doesn't matter if you don't get a doctor," because "the number of postgraduate students in a few years is very limited and you have to rely on future efforts, so you don't have to worry about getting a degree ". There are two types of people in the world. One Kind of people seems to be easy to achieve. The other kind of people rely on unremitting efforts to achieve success after years and years. I like the second category ".

So I was wondering what the deep meaning of this book was? On the surface, this is an extremely peaceful way for two scientists to describe their views on the journey of life and the success of their career. The core of their thoughts is: relying on unremitting efforts and years of experience, in the end, we will surely make a successful life more meaningful. The idea of rejecting quick success and quick success runs through this book.

Rejecting quick success and short profits is a kind of mental state and a kind of spiritual realm.

Where does the spiritual realm of rejecting quick success come from? As oyiken, German philosopher, said: "spiritual realization is by no means our natural endowment. We must win it, and it allows us to win ." People's spiritual life must be continuously moisturized, purified, and upgraded. Of course, the lofty realm of our hearts cannot be granted by God, nor is it possible for a flash of inspiration. From this book by Wang Xuan and his wife, we had an epiphany: The support behind the calm rejection of quick success and quick success must be a lofty realm, the lofty realm is constructed by one point and one point in the arduous struggle and the arduous journey of life. A person's wide vision, wide mind, indomitable mind, open mind, calm and idle attitude depends on his pursuit of life and his ideals and beliefs, and on his understanding of objective laws and his ability to control, it is up to him to constantly surpass himself and surpass secular self-reflection. Here, you cannot find the meaning and value of life. You cannot resist the temptation of vulgar utilitarian, you can't get out of an impatient, exaggerated, superficial Strange Circle.

Rejecting quick success and benefits is really an indispensable piece of life advice for us today under the threat of extreme materialism! Academic Circles often lament that people's spiritual life is secular, their spiritual status is utilitarian, and their spiritual realm is low. As a result, honor and disgrace are not identified, and the beauty and ugliness are not clear ...... So we can see that: the elders who want to deprive their children of their childhood joy and look forward to Jackie Chan, who want to get rich overnight and do not want to work, well-known professors who want to keep their papers fake, and those who are addicted to plagiarism rather than sitting on the "cold bench ""students, businessmen who only make their fortune without credit, and officials who make image projects for their achievements ...... All the flies and dogs that have never been able to go to the stage have suddenly become a breeze in a subtle way.

If you are too greedy for fame, you will be eager for success, and eager for achievement will become a rat's eye; if you are eager for success, you will inevitably resort to fraud and eventually fail. This is the internal logic caused by quick success and profit. However, if we want to surpass quick success and gain benefits, and stay away from the vulgar and superficial troubles, we will keep a pure land in our hearts, but there is no "once and for all" panacea. Let us remember the brief but even more exciting words written by Mrs. Wang at the end of this book-"it is not easy to grasp the true talent and learn it without looking at it, especially because of the pressure on the surrounding environment, we often work hard for this." (Pito)

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