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The problem is actually the difference between what you expect and what you experience.


Those who have no experience to solve the problem, almost without exception, are eager to find a solution, rather than defining the problem to be solved first. Even experienced problem Resolvers can easily give in when social pressure asks him to make a hasty decision. In this way, they will find many solutions, but they may not be suitable for the problem at hand. When a person tries to make others accept the solution he agrees with, he will always blame others for being too stubborn, rather than talking about the other party's point of view.



For those who do not have a sense of humor, it is simply self-seeking to help them solve the problem.


Do not confuse the solution with the definition of the problem.

Do not confuse the solution with the definition of the problem, especially when you use your own solution.

If you solve their problems too easily, they will never believe that you have actually solved their problems.


Ethical considerations tend to disappear quickly when they encounter profitable problems.


You are never sure you have a correct definition, even after the problem has been solved.


You are never sure you have a correct definition, but never give up your efforts.


Each solution brings new problems. We can never eliminate the problem. Problems, solutions, and new problems are intertwined into an endless chain. The best result we can expect is that the new problem is not as tricky as we "solve.


The most difficult part of the problem is to realize their existence.


If you cannot think of at least three things that may go wrong in your understanding of the problem, you do not really understand the problem. In any problem definition, hundreds of things may be ignored. If you cannot even think of three, you can only say that you cannot or do not want to think.


An out-of-proportion solution is a solution that brings uncoordinated consequences to people who want to use this solution. As long as people are aware of its existence, most of them are not commensurate and easy to solve.


Each new view brings about a new imbalance.


When you wander tirelessly on the road to the definition of the problem, don't forget to look back at it anytime and see if you are lost.


Once you use words to express a question, think carefully about these words to make this expression a meaning in everyone's mind.


When others can solve their own problems well, do not go beyond the limit. If this is their problem, let it be their problem.


If someone is able to solve this problem, but he will not encounter this problem, the first thing you need to do is to make him feel this problem.


The root cause of the problem is often yourself.


There are two types of people in this world: one is to do things, and the other is to find and do things for others. Be a little farther away from the second type, so that you will be very smooth.

There are two types of people in this world: one is doing things, and the other is enjoying honors. Stay among the first people-there is much less competition.


In many cases, traditionally referred to as "solving problems", they are actually solving intelligence tests. Most mental questions are hard to come out on purpose-but this difficulty just implies a problem. However, we know that if the problem does not have an unusual difficulty, the problem author will not choose it. The irony is that this attempt to increase the difficulty just gives us a clue.


We never have enough time to do it well, but we always have enough time to do it again. We never have enough time to consider whether we really need it, but we always have enough time to regret it.


Repeated stimulation may cause a smaller response. Adaptability allows us to ignore the constant things in our environment, which will simplify our life.

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