Recommended 10 most suitable fonts for programming

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Guidance:The following font sorting is the subjective feeling of the author, and everyone's preferences are different. We recommend that you try all of them and select them based on your preferences. If you want to display clear font effects, you must install Microsoft cleartype to set the definition.

10. Courier

It is also called Courier New, which is probably the most familiar font. Basically all systems have it. Unfortunately, many terminals and editors use this font by default, although it will not affect the use, but it is too boring. If you are using this font, we recommend that you increase it and enable the anti-aliasing settings of the system.

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9. Andale mono

It is slightly better than courier and is also a common default font. I think the letter is too wide and the Character spacing is stupid.


8. Monaco

The default Mac font, which seems to be available only on Mac. The font size is good, and it is not too big.


7. profont

Similar to Monaco bitmap fonts, you can use them on Mac, windows, and Linux. The font size is good. The best alternative to Monaco on non-Mac platforms. If you prefer a small font size and are not afraid of eye fatigue, consider it.


6. monofur

It has a unique equal-width font that performs well under various font sizes, but you need to set anti-aliasing. People with nostalgia and special preferences are recommended.


5. proggy

The Clean equal-width font seems to be very popular with Windows users, but it is also good on Mac. In use, the font size can be smaller than that of anti-aliasing.


4. Droid sans mono

Open-source fonts can be downloaded here, suitable for mobile screen. Is the most prominent font in the same width. It is a pity that 0 is not much different from O.


3. Deja vu sans mono

My favorite free font family is based on Vera, but it provides more characters than the latter. Suitable for any font size and requires anti-aliasing.


2. consolas +

Consolas is a commercial font designed specifically for Microsoft and is available on many Microsoft products, so it is very likely that you already have it on your system. Anti-aliasing is required. If it is not commercial, I may put it first. Consolas only contains English letters. Here we provide a mix of + consolas English, even if the Code contains Chinese notes, the display effect can be very good!


1. inconsolata

My favorite equal-width font is free of charge. After I met it, I quickly dropped the original default font deja vu sans mono. A good font suitable for any font size. Thanks to its creator Raph levien!


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