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Continue to recommend. There are 7 articles in this issueArticle:

    1. Silverlight 2 first impression
    2. Exploring ASP. NET 3.0: ASP. NET Ajax Authentication
    3. Web client software factory 2.0 released
    4. LINQ. Flickr 1.2
    5. Upload files: Multi-file, progress bar, no delivery
    6. ASP. NET Ajax server-side timeout Control
    7. Basic GDI + and image operations in ASP. NET


[1]First look at Silverlight 2(Silverlight 2 first impression)

The beta version of Silverlight 2 is coming soon. It seems that Microsoft has really spent a lot of time-although the rich client has been defeated repeatedly, it still maintains its full fighting spirit.

Scott's blog introduces some new features of Silverlight 2, mainly in "cross platform/cross browser. Net Development ":

    1. Wpf ui framework
    2. Rich controls
    3. Rich Networking Support
    4. Rich base class library

The article also provides an example of using the Digg function similar to Silverlight 2.ProgramFinally, links to some of Scott's articles:

    1. Part 1: Creating "Hello World" with Silverlight 2 and vs 2008
    2. Part 2: Using layout management
    3. Part 3: Using networking to retrieve data and populate a DataGrid
    4. Part 4: using style elements to better encapsulate look and feel
    5. Part 5: using the ListBox and databinding to display list data
    6. Part 6: using user controls to implement master/details scenarios
    7. Part 7: using templates to customize control look and feel
    8. Part 8: creating a Digg desktop version of our application using WPF

Now these articles have been translated in the blog hall. Thank you for your participation in the translation:

    1. Part 1: Use Silverlight 2 and vs 2008 to create a "hello World" program
    2. Part 2: layout management)
    3. Part 3: Use networking to retrieve data and fill the DataGrid
    4. Part 4: using style elements to better encapsulate the view)
    5. Part 5: display list data with ListBox and databinding)
    6. Part 6: Use user controls to implement Master/Slave tables
    7. Part 7: use the control template to customize the control's perception
    8. Part 8: Use WPF to create a Digg desktop application

By the way, after Scott was promoted to VP, he apparently became more interested in blog writing. This week he wrote another article "Heavyweight" (referring to the length) first look at using expression blend with Silverlight 2.


[2]ASP. NET 3.5 unleashed errata: ASP. NET Ajax Authentication(Discovery in ASP. NET 3.0: ASP. NET Ajax authentication)

This is an incorrect message from the author of ASP. NET 3.0 secrets, but this is not important.

What is important is after the errataCodeThe server-side method can actually verify client requests to implement the Ajax-mode permission control function.

[System. Web. Services. webmethod]
Public Static StringGetsecretmessage ()
If(! Httpcontext. Current. User. Identity. isauthenticated)
Throw NewException ("Not Authenticated! ");
Return "Time is a fish";

In fact, the implementation is very simple-it's just a set of ASP. NET things, but it seems that many friends have no way to do this, so I will refer to it here by mistake.


[3]Web client software factory 2.0 shipped(Web client software factory 2.0 released)

The latest Web client software factory 2.0 has been released. It provides some new features to provide reference for enterprise-level website architecture design.

Compared with the previous version, the function is improved as follows:

    1. Full support for Visual Studio 2008 and. NET Framework 3.5
    2. Context sensitive AutoComplete, Ajax validation, real time search, etc.
    3. Ui composition capability
    4. Asmx Web Service dependency Injection
    5. Document Work
    6. New Order Entry reference sample program
    7. N multiple bug fixes

If you are interested, refer:

    1. Http://
    2. Http://


[4]LINQ. Flickr 1.2(LINQ. Flickr 1.2)

Another extender of LINQ, interesting ~~

The following query is used to obtain the 12 most recently uploaded photos of a user on Flickr:

VaR query = (from pHInContext. Photos
WherePh. User ="Neetulee"& PH. photosize = photosize. Square
Orderby photoorder. date_posted descending
Select pH). Take (12). Skip (0 );


[5]Uploading files: multiple files, progress bar, no PostBack(Upload files: Multi-file, progress bar, no delivery)

I have to say that this article belongs to the title party ...... We recommend the flash component swfupload.

The following is a demo:

For more examples of swfupload, visit


[6]Ajax timeout Server Control(ASP. NET Ajax server timeout Control)

Very interesting. It can be automatically displayed after the Ajax request times out. It is also a server-side control, which is easy to use and can be configured.

Here you can download:


[7]Basic of GDI + and graphics in ASP. NET(Basic GDI + and image operations in ASP. NET)

As its name is, it focuses on simple operations and does not design too many things-but it is sufficient for ASP. NET developers.


    1. Draw simple shapes
    2. Write text
    3. Generate Verification Code

If you need this, you may wish to take this article as a reference.

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