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1. Web. config controls the HTTP stream output encoding.
2. The charset in HTML indicates the encoding of this file.
3. Because the HTML of ASP. NET is not read from a local file but obtained from an HTTP stream, the charset of HTML should describe the encoding of the HTTP stream.
4. The charset in HTML is just a declaration. If the browser is not 100%, select the encoding for display based on the declaration.
Summary: If charset and web. config are encoded in the same way, the browser may display them in correct encoding. Of course, in a few cases, the browser may use other encoding methods unless it is clever. Similarly, if the charset and web. config encoding settings are inconsistent, the browser may not be able to display them normally. However, in a few cases, the browser intelligently perceives the correct encoding.

For example, if IE sees that the title contains Chinese characters, it will select gb2312. Even if you declare charset later, it will be useless. To do this, if your page is UTF-8 and uses Chinese title, remember to put the charset declaration before the title, otherwise the declaration is useless.

& # ***; Is an escape character, similar to & lt; and & gt;, which is equivalent to <and>. This Escape Character represents the Unicode Character corresponding to the following number. & #27979; it is a Unicode Character encoded as 27979.


<Slider X: Name = "alphaslider" margin = "20, 0, 10, 0" Maximum = "255" valuechanged = "alphaslider_valuechanged"/>

Do not set value

The button cannot be dragged. Only others can be used

Only basichttpbinding binding is supported in Silverlight.

<Mediaelement X: Name = "rin_wmv" autoplay = "true" width = "320" Height = "240" canvas. left = "63" canvas. top = "51" Source = "New folder1/Rin. WMV "stretch =" fill "/>

Front-end tools
Expression blend2
You have installed Microsoft Expression blend 2. If your Microsoft Expression is version 1, it should be opened in version 2.

Here you are.

Http:// B /3/8b355798-db33-426b-94c6-7eb0290da15c/Blend2.en.msi

It is not possible to write this statement now. WebService or WCF does not support any anonymous datacontract.




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