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Currently, the company's development projects are mainly Web-based, so the deployment of the entire project is also based on IIS + sqlserver, in the deployment process of a project, the customer's server is different from the company's server environment, which causes many problems.ArticleThis document records problems related to project deployment over the past year.


I. easily overlooked Question 1-document

In IIS, there is a tab "document" (which is the "Default document" in iis7), which is the default page that is targeted when a netizen accesses a website domain name or directly accesses an IP address, multiple page names can be defined here. When there is a default access request, IIS will automatically find a page that matches the default targeted name from the directory and present it to the viewer. Generally, as long as it is set, no problem will occur, I once ignored this configuration because of my habits. The debugging result was only four hours later.

In IIS, the document has several default values by default, such as index.htm or default. aspx and so on, and we usually follow this rule during development to create a homepage page, so I naturally ignore this issue during the deployment process, as a result, the website has encountered problems such as page failure or page display rejection. As a result, I tried to unload and install IIS, and I did not find any problems after I checked all the services, finally, I accidentally clicked the document tab to find this mental retardation problem.


Ii. Problems easily overlooked: Asp.net 2.0 and 4.0 running pool issues under 2--iis6

When vs2010 came out, I installed it on the company's server and started the test website to be deployed on IIS6, which was running smoothly, A few days later, my colleague told me that several websites on the server could not be accessed. After IIS was restarted, there was no problem. At that time, I continued to access ASP. net4 website, The results found ASP. the website of net4 cannot be started. It can be confirmed that no one has moved IIS during this period of time. Is the configuration reset? Check the website configuration and IIS configuration one by one:

1. Check whether the website is. net4

2. Check whether ASP. net4 is allowed in Web service extensions

3. Check whether IIS stops running.

Unfortunately, there was no problem after checking all the way. Later, I found out that under IIS6, if ASP. net2.0 and ASP. if the net4.0 website is placed in the same running pool, a conflict may occur. Simply put, 2.0 of the websites run, and 4.0 of the websites cannot run. Otherwise, the solution is very simple, is ASP. net4 websites can create a separate running pool.


Iii. Easy to ignore 3-Directory Permissions

When a website is placed on the server for access by other computers, you must fully consider the permissions under the website directory, set which directories can be accessed, and distinguish the accessible directories, read-only, read/write, modify, delete, and so on, especially for some highly interactive websites, such as forums and blogs. If you are interested, you can download the release version of discuznt.ProgramUnder the configuration on IIS, I personally think it is a good exercise.

Generally, the problem can be solved after the iis_wpg role is added to the directory without permission access. If the problem persists, you can try the IUSR _ computer name, ASPnet, network service, and IWAM _ computer name permissions one by one.


Iv. SSL encryption

Many websites are now enabling SSL encryption, indicating that the website is now paying more and more attention to the security of Website access. This is exactly the case for this project this year. So I have also studied it, to enable SSL, follow these steps:

1. The developed website supports SSL. For details, refer to the article "HTTPS page and HTTP page automatic switch-SSL solution" written in Smart Life, it is suitable for projects that do not need to switch the entire site to HTTPS.

2. Install the SSL certificate on IIS. This should be distinguished. For IIS6, you can see that the SSL encryption method is established on IIS6 in Windows2003, iis7 can check that IIS 7.0 uses a self-signed certificate to enable SSL.

It should be noted that if one server has multiple websites, it is best to configure the SSL website on port 80, otherwise it may not work.


V. domain name resolution

This is also a headache, because the domain name management in China is relatively messy, and the management of domain name resolution cannot be managed in a unified manner. You need to go to the website backend provided by your domain name service provider for management, at the same time, some of the management interfaces provided by domain name management vendors are also disgusting, which is inconvenient to configure and the domain name resolution time is not fixed, such as the service providers I contact, generally, the resolution is completed within 24 hours. Of course, the speed is also fast. After configuration is completed in the morning, the resolution is completed in the afternoon. Therefore, if you cannot access the service provider within 24 hours, it is recommended to ask the service provider.

Suggestions for friends who have not configured domain name resolution:

If the configured domain name resolution does not respond, the first response is to check whether IIS is correctly configured, for example, the execution permission in the main directory, Asp. is the Net version correct and the Host Header correct? If the IIS configuration is correct, you are advised to contact the service provider and directly call customer service.


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Records of various problems encountered during the project process


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