Recruiting, outsourcing and job-hunting, looking for someone, finding a job, and looking for work.

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recruiting, outsourcing and job-hunting, looking for someone, finding a job, and looking for work.

Rai Yonghao (Http://

It's been too busy to update the blog for a long time. I wish to be a Nezha, good three heads. Busy, now the economic crisis is so serious, one side is hiring said not to recruit people, while the job is hard to find job. Well, I take a time to send you a post, borrow my blog and some people come to see, try to have no effect.

The following, whether it is hiring or looking for a job, please contact them directly, do not have to comment on my blog or consult me for more detailed information. Especially those who have a fancy for a person, you can send a letter to the past with him to obtain a resume bar ... Recruit

First of all send a good news, is the recruitment. There is a start-up company, the work place is Hangzhou, need to understand 3D client programmer, request is not high, proficient in C + + programming, 2-3 years or so development experience, can use vs development environment. Be familiar with DX, just do it. If you have application 3D engine (such as Ogre, Gamebryo) development experience is preferred, have Lua, Python and other scripting development experience is preferred. The contact way is also quite direct, make a telephone to go past on the line: Mr. Cai 0571-87380156.

Through a little insider news, this Cai Seng is my former colleague, he stayed quite a long time in NetEase, before did the NetEase bubble and so on project, is a person who believes the Lord, speaks quite really. He spent 10 years of C + +, did a lot of things, I don't understand how he can write so much code. I think that 2-3 years of experience in the past with his words, there should be growth opportunities to grow up. When you call in the past and say it's a job message from Rai Yonghao's blog, it might make your job search process quicker. Outsourced

I have a friend, he in Guangzhou, want to find a C # expert in Guangzhou to outsource a project to do an industry application. Not too complicated things, the budget is also more reasonable, so here also send an advertisement, want to have interested friends to contact. Because of the competitive secret relationship, the project details are not said here, single talk about the requirements of the collaborators: 1, have more than 2 years of practical project experience, familiar with C #,. NET development technology, familiar with SQL Server, have WinForm development experience, slightly web development. 2, work seriously, responsible, code specifications, at the same time can be detailed specifications to write documents, you have to let others can understand. 3, people in Guangzhou, good exchange of details. 4, have intelligent client (smartclient), WPF, WCF and other practical project development experience is preferred, no such project experience has their own ordinary research and production of such small works can also.

Please take the bag of people must be reliable, do not take this project as their own technical experiments, if you pick up the package, it must be done well. His contact method is: Job Search 1

Well, after the good news of the recruitment, I will give everyone to pull a person who is looking for a job to come over. He is in Shanghai and wants to find a job related to software development in Shanghai. Surname Wang, the contact way is Brief introduction, he has nearly ten years of work experience, once in Huawei, Shanghai New, Shanghai, and other software companies in the company, has served as Senior software engineers, program managers, project managers and other positions. Proficient in C + +, STL, understand boost; proficient in VC + +, have embeded VC + + development experience; be familiar with C # and. NET Framework, understand related class library, familiar with Windows network programming, proficient in MSSQL, familiar with traditional software engineering, also have agile practical experience; be able to design system , have experience in leading team development. Job Search 2

Well, after the news of the Yangtze River Delta, come back to my side of the Pearl River Delta to see. I have a friend surnamed Xu, contact is, has four + + + + + experience, Windows MFC/SDK also have a few years of experience, with over 1.5 WinCE, Master, the most important is that he has 2 years of financial and financial industry software development experience, And can be spoken and written in English communication. Quite suitable for foreign companies and state-owned enterprises. He has been in the Guangzhou branch of one of the world's top 500 companies for two years and has done three projects, including those on mobile and some C #. Before entering this company, in a domestic input method production company has done "sentence-level pinyin word conversion engine", stayed for a year. Job Search 3

A very strong developer who saw my previous job posting and looked for a friend I had never met. His surname is Huang, 05 graduated from Shaoguan College, he wants to find a job that Flash/flex develops. He worked as a computer substitute teacher for two years and later engaged in a year of work unrelated to development, but insists on learning about Flex-related technology. I have seen with the resume attached to the demo, and he exchanged, and then he quickly wrote a new demo, you can say that his understanding of the flex is still relatively in place.

He asked for a lower salary, suitable for start-up companies that are still more cost sensitive, including the budding studios that are planning to make a point in the webgame industry. I am very optimistic that he can grow up quickly under the leadership of veteran. His contact method is, the interested person contact him to remember to tell him to see his news from my blog.

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