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With the improvement of computer multimedia technology, sound card, multimedia speaker technology, we have to enjoy high fidelity through the computer's sound is not difficult. As a basic index of high fidelity sound, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is also improved in multimedia audio system. But we in order to improve the sound card, speaker signal-to-noise ratio, but forgot to reduce the noise inside the computer chassis, so that our efforts in vain.

through the test that in the normal indoor environment noise around 35dB, and when we open the computer after the ambient noise rose to about 45dB. As a result of multimedia speakers to create a "free proximity to the field", so that the reader generally away from the PC system closer. So in order to truly experience the "high-fidelity" sound on existing systems, it is imperative to reduce the noise inside the chassis system.

first to clear the chassis of the main source of noise, usually produce noise is nothing but the following three categories:

one, chassis chassis, power supply, and CPU fan noise and video card fan noise; second, the hard work noise; third, the noise during the operation of the optical drive.

One, reduce the chassis, power supply, and CPU fan noise and the noise of the video card fan

now CPU working frequency is more and more high, power consumption is also improving, in order to better reduce the temperature in the chassis, often using a more powerful fan, but the attendant problems come, the fan in the rotation of the noise is also getting bigger. Some overclocking enthusiasts in order to make the machine's CPU stable work at a higher frequency, but also the addition of high-power chassis cooling fan. Make the noise of the chassis some even intolerable.

The best way to reduce fan noise is to reduce the number of fans used, not to increase the speed of the fan and to adopt high-quality fans. The use of a reasonable number of fans does not mean that the cooling effect of the decline, conversely, if we reasonably design the structure of the wind in the chassis, the same can achieve a good cooling effect. By taking apart some famous brand computer chassis, it is found that most of its internal chassis is the use of scientific and reasonable wind road design to achieve the purpose of ventilation and cooling. It is necessary to explain that a lot of people are not very concerned about the wiring in the chassis, in fact, as long as we through the rubber band or plastic line to the data coil fixed, the case to clean up the orderly, not only beautiful but also in the anti-interference and increase ventilation effect on the obvious improvement. Noise and overclocking can be said to be a pair of twins, because the overclocking system throughout the overload of work, resulting in increased heat, and the speed of the cooling fan will inevitably bring about the simultaneous increase in noise. So, if the player who really cares about the sound should try to avoid overclocking (if overclocking can use water-cooled radiators), should also be in order to ensure the minimum cooling effect on the basis of trying to reduce the speed of the fan to reduce noise, the author of the experiment that the ordinary 12V fan step-down use effect is very good. Of course the fans still need to use, so the last thing to say is to choose the fan when you want to use those brand-name High-quality fan, the quality of the fan in the noise reduction is still very effective, generally used ball bearing fans in the rotation of their own mechanical noise and the resulting high-speed airflow caused by vibration can be received, Much less noise than the use of the bearing fan. Now some of the Low-cost fans we see on the market are usually made of a bearing fan. However, many manufacturers have been aware of the hazards of noise, have launched the use of high-quality ball bearing fans, we may wish to pay more attention in the purchase. Use the heatsink as much as possible to reduce the number of fans used. Now a lot of fans in the graphics card, so if the conditions permit the premise to try to buy those with the heatsink with the video card.

second, reduce the noise when the hard disk is working

5400 speed of the hard drive has become a obsolete, now installed in more and more people use the 7200 speed of the hard drive. We can not escape the noise disturbance when we enjoy the "pleasure" caused by the speed increase of the hard disk. The noise of the hard drive is mainly due to the chassis vibration caused by the hard drive in the high-speed rotation. This noise reduces the hard drive by adding some rubber pads or plastic foams to the hard drive and chassis connected parts to reduce chassis vibration. There are also some extreme ways to use the hard drive sponge bag into the chassis to reduce noise, but because of this is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the hard disk, so I do not recommend. But now some manufacturers in order to reduce the hard drive and chassis vibration, in the hard disk of the outer bread has a layer of soft leather pad (such as Seagate's hard drive) can be considered. Vibration caused by the noise solution, hard drive inside the noise is difficult to solve, especially in the dead of night, when I was immersed in the wonderful background music, the hard disk issued by the "Squeak ~" sound is really blot. The best way to do this is to select the less noisy hard drive when you buy it, and if you are particularly sensitive to the noise of the hard drive, choose a low speed hard drive. No way, there will be lost.

third, reduce the noise during the operation of the optical drive

the speed of the optical drive in the short span of two years has risen from 4X to now 52X. The increase of the speed of the fan hard drive inevitably brings about the increase of noise, and the optical drive is no exception. I have a friend new bought a high speed optical drive, in the reading Disk Time drive motor show the surging power to let me deeply "admire", with "the energy is not a little ram" to describe the appropriate but. Therefore, the purchase of optical drive, in addition to speed, reading capacity, noise problems can not be ignored. It is advisable to adopt some brand-name optical drives with low noise. On the basis of comprehensive consideration, the author thinks that the optical drive with 24X or 32X speed can be considered. This not only satisfies the general need, reduces the noise, the price is also cheap. Of course, this is only the beholder, benevolent, how to choose also to own according to their own grasp.

through the above several aspects of the transformation, although our chassis noise can not be completely eliminated, but by testing has been from the previous boot at about 45dB down to 35dB, the effect is obvious. Noise to go without trace, sound more outstanding, OK, now let us sit in front of the computer to savor the "high-fidelity" sound.

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