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Keil uvision, Keil MDK, Keil for ARM, realview MDK, Keil C51, Keil c166, Keil c166

From contact with MCS-51 microcontroller, we know that there is a software called Keil. When developing single-chip microcomputer, the C or assembly language is used. We know that neither of these languages can be directly filled into the single-chip microcomputer. If the execution is not executed for the time being, the size of the Code is not enough, it is enough to break through the entire single-chip microcomputer. Therefore, we need a software program to compile the C language or assembly language to generate the executable binary code of the single chip microcomputer, and its size is also very small, enough to store in the memory of the single chip microcomputer. The software of Keil (now an arm Company) can provide such a function, and it also has many advantages, such as easy project management and automatic loading of startup code, integrates editing, compilation, and simulation, and provides powerful debugging functions. Therefore, no matter beginners or experienced engineers, they all like to use these software. However, even if we are familiar with the Keil software, we still cannot clarify some concepts, which are often confused: Keil, uvision, realview, MDK, and Keil C51. What are the differences between them, what is the connection? Next we will make a detailed analysis.

Keil is the name of the company, and sometimes all software development tools of Keil.

Uvision is an integrated development environment (IDE) developed by Keil, similar to eclipse. It includes project management, source code editing, uvision configuration, download debugging, simulation, and other functions. uvision has three versions: uvision2, uvision3, and uvision4. The latest version is uvision4. It provides an environment for developers to easily operate and does not provide specific compilation and download functions. It needs to be added by software developers. Uvisionu is used in Keil development tools, such as MDK, pk51, pk166, and dk133.

Realview is a collection of development tools called RV, including RVD (realview debugger), RVI (realview ice), RVT (realview trace), and rvds (realview development suite ), rv mdk (realview microcontroller Development Kit) products. Like Mill Technology's hardware development board, there are three types in total: Development Board, single board and core board, so they divide their products into the Development Board (MYD) series, Single Board (MYS) the product series are similar and related to the product series of the core board (ACC.

MDK (microcontroller development kit), that is, Keil MDK, realview MDK or Keil for ARM, arm company now unified use of MDK-ARM, MDK equipment database has many manufacturers of chips, it is a tool specially designed for microcontroller, to meet the requirements of embedded software development engineers based on MCU design, support ARM microcontroller kernel such as ARM7, arm9-, Cortex-M3/M1, Cortex-R0/R4.

The uvision ide developed by Keil C51, pk51 and Keil, supports most microcontroller development tools with 51 cores.

The uvision-based ide developed by Keil c166, pk166, and Keil, supports most of xc16x, c16x, and st10 series microcontroller development tools.

Keil c251, or dk251, is a uvision-based ide developed by Keil and supports most development tools based on 251-core microcontroller.

To sum up, Keil currently has four independent embedded software development tools, namely MDK, Keil C51, Keil c166, and Keil c133, all of which are under the brand of Keil, all are based on the uvision integrated development environment, where MDK is a member of the realview series. If you think this article is useful, leave a message for support. If you think it is useless, leave a message for criticism. (This article is reposted from Mill Technology Support Center)

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