Reliability of backbone routers

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Because of carrying a variety of services on IP network, it is very important for the operators to provide reliable business for the users, and to provide a stable and reliable operation network can make the network operators improve their competitiveness greatly. The reliability of the backbone routers in IP network plays an important role in particular. According to statistics, the backbone of the network in the core router failed to lose at least 7 million yuan. Shenzhen Green Special Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy NEC fifth generation high-end routers with high reliability, can fully protect the security and reliability of the operating network. --Editor

The reliability of backbone routers is mainly embodied in two aspects, on the one hand, the design of network topology, so as to make the network does not exist single point of failure. On the other hand, the router device that connects the network must support the redundancy and hot plug capability of the components such as cards, interfaces, power supplies, and the redundancy protocol such as VRRP routers.

In improving the reliability of network nodes, the key nodes of backbone network adopt one or more routers as backup routers. All routers make up the router cluster by Virtual Routing Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), after a single router failure in the cluster, the automatic eagerly switch to the standby router, the external performance of a reliable virtual router, which can greatly improve the reliability of the network and ensure the reliable backbone node work.

In order to improve the reliability of network node equipment, the backbone router should have full redundancy design, nondisruptive online upgrade, double Star card configuration and Support hot plug function, can achieve 99.9997% high reliability, avoid single point of failure on the network, guarantee the high reliable operation of the whole network. At present, most high-end routers have some redundancy design, but there are not many manufacturers who can really achieve full redundancy, and the design of NEC Fifth generation Router is worthy of our learning and reference.

NEC Fifth generation high-end routers use full redundancy design, its processing internal data exchange unit, processing routing engine (or control unit), processing high-speed data forwarding line interface unit, as well as the router's power unit, fan unit and internal management control bus, and so on, all adopt redundant backup. The redundancy of any part of the functional unit will seriously affect the reliability of the router, only the real full redundancy design can reach the high reliability of the carrier class. Most of the routers currently have redundant backups for most of the functional units, but the simultaneous redundancy of all functional units, especially the fifth generation router of NEC, is a redundant backup of the interface unit.

At the same time, NEC fifth-generation high-end routers to reduce the single point of failure rate, improve network node equipment availability, reduce downtime, especially support for hot plug, software online upgrades, fault location and isolation and remote restart performance. The hot plug performance is the basic requirement of the telecommunication grade equipment, which guarantees the on-line service, the software on-line upgrade guarantees the service consistency and the system update speed, the remote restart function, speeds up the fault processing speed, reduces the downtime loss.

As the core equipment of the IP network, the reliability of the backbone routers affects the reliability of the whole network, while the full redundancy design and the high reliable QoS guarantee are the important cornerstones to ensure the reliability of the backbone routers, and the fifth generation routers of the NEC series adopt the key technology of full redundancy to ensure the reliability and security It lays the foundation for the development of the next Generation network broadband service.

Shenzhen Green Special Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is NEC router in China's general agent, the two sides have formed a long-term cooperative relationship. At present, NEC routers have access to the Ministry of Information Industry network card, in Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Guangxi and other widely used.

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