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Using Remoteie, you need to install Azure RemoteApp, then connect to the Microsoft Azure virtual machine and try again.

First you have to have a Microsoft account, such as Hotmail, live and other e-mail accounts and so on, if not to register first.

After logging in, you can choose to use the azure virtual machine in that area, including the eastern United States, the western United States, Nordic, Western Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia, of course, each entry can be modified. The author chose East Asia, but finally tested the virtual machine actually in Singapore.

After landing, you can download the Microsoft REMOTEAPP. The author downloads is a Windows x64, download is a "rdclientlauncher.application". Click to install, fast.

Install a good remoteapp and then try the Microsoft account login can be, you can see in the Open interface has "IE technical Preview."

5, double-click the run IE TP version, the rest of the operation as in the native IE method.

Some things to be aware of in the trial Remoteie:

1, only IE and F12 development tools.

2, the host side of the system is a Windows Server 2012 or above version, recommended using the F12 Developer tool to modify compatibility.

3, each session of the longest 60 minutes, 10 minutes idle will be logged out.

4, no GPU acceleration, performance may be less than the primary IE test.

5, Remoteie can not access the intranet or local site.

6. Remoteie cannot install the plugin because there is no administrator privileges on the Azure virtual machine.

7, can not use Remoteie download software to the machine.

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