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Rfc1 host software
Rfc2 host software
Rfc3 documentation Specification
Rfc4 Network Schedule
Rfc6 and Bob Kahn sessions
Rfc10 documentation Specification
Rfc13 zero text length EOF Information
Rfc16 M. I .t
Rf18imp-IMP and host-Host Control connections
Rf19_can be used to reduce the two coroutines blocked by a limited switching node.
Rfc20_ascii format for network switching
Rfc21 Network Conference
Rfc22 host-Host Control Information Format
Rfc23_adjustment information for multiple transfers
Rfc24 documentation Specification
Rfc25 does not use a high connection number
Rfc27 documentation Specification
Rfc28 Time Standard
Rfc29 responds to RFC 28
Rfc30 documentation Specification
Rfc32 thoughts on the Real-time clock proposed by Sri
Rfc34 summary of some preliminary records on the arc clock
Rfc35 Network Conference
Rfc36 protocol Annotation
Rfc37 Network Conference end, etc.
Rfc38 nwg/RFC #36 network protocol Annotation
Rfc40 more about future protocols
Rfc41 imp-IMP communication information
Rfc42 Information Data Type
Rfc43 proposed meeting
Rfc45 more about future protocols
Rfc53 official agreement body
Rfc58 Logical Information Synchronization
Rfc60simple NCP Protocol
Rfc63 delayed Network Meeting Report
Rfc66 NIC-Level 3 ideas and other noise
Rfc69 proposes to change host/IMP specifications to eliminate tags
Rfc71 redistribution after incorrect input
Rfc72 recommended network protocol change for deferred execution
Rfc73 response nwg/RFC 67
Rfc75 Network Conference
Rfc78 NCP Status Report: UCSB/Rand
Rfc79 Error
Rfc81 request involving information
Rfc84 nwg/RFC 1-80 list
Rfc85 network workgroup MEETING
Rfc90 CCN as a network service center
Rfc99 Network Conference
Rfc101 comments to the Network Working Group meeting of Urbana, Illinois, February 17, 1971
Rfc102 host-host protocol troubleshooting board description
Rfc103 interrupt key execution
Rfc104 connection 191
Rfc105 remote login through UCSB and remote output of the returned network Specification
Rfc106 user/server site protocol network host Questionnaire
Rfc107 host-host protocol troubleshooting board description
Rfc108 list of nwg meeting persons held in Urbana on April 9, February 17-19, 1971
Rfc124 printed incorrectly in RFC 107
Rfc132 typographical error of RFC 107
Rfc148 RFC 123 comments
Rfc149 Best laying plan
Rfc154 style display
Rfc156 state of the site in Illinois: Response to RFC 116
Number allocation of rfc179 connections
Rfc185 Nic distribution Manual
Rfc188 Data Management Conference Announcement
Rfc198 site certification-Lincoln Lab 360/67
Rfc204 utilization report
Rfc218 change imp Status Report Device
Rfc228 clarification
Rfc232 Network Graphics conferencing Delay
Rfc245 scheduled network workgroup meetings
Rfc246 network graphics conference
Rfc256 impsys Change Notification
Rfc276 NIC process
Rfc285 Network Graphics
Rfc324 ipve protocol Conference
Rfc335 new interface-imp/360
Rfc348 Discard Process
Rfc404 file migration protocol comment
Rfc405 second message to the tip user
Data resetting service for rfc456 UCSB
Rfc457 FTP server and server interaction
Rfc496 imp/tip memory update schedule (Revision 2)
Rfc516 message loss detection
Input Image of rfc591 experiment between nvt ascii ucsb and online system
Rfc621 "Pay attention to hanging stockings under the chimney during Christmas"
Rfc628 deeper Data Language Design Concept
Rfc634 recent Network Diagram
Rfc637 SU-DSL network address change
Rfc677 dual Database Maintenance
Rfc692 comments on changes to the imp/host protocol (rfcs 687 and 690)
Rfc697 ftp cwd command
Rfc698 Telnet extended ASCII options
Rfc763 role email
Rfc775 directory-oriented FTP command
Rfc779 Telnet sending-Location Option
Rfc792 Internet Control Information Protocol
Rfc797 bitmap file format
Rfc821 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Rfc826 ethernet address translation protocol or conversion network protocol address
Rfc827 exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP)
Rfc854 Telnet protocol specification
Rfc855 Telnet Option Manual
Rfc856 Telnet binary transmission
Rfc857 Telnet Echo Option
Rfc858 disable forward via Telnet
Rfc859 Telnet status options
Rfc860 Telnet timed tag Option
Rfc861 Telnet extended Option List options
Rfc862 echo Protocol
Rfc863 abolition Protocol
Rfc864 character generation protocol
Rfc865 daytime protocol reference
Rfc866 activates a user
Rfc867 daytime protocol
Rfc868 _ time protocol
Rfc872 TCP protocol on LAN
Rfc877 IP packet transmission standard through public data network
Rfc888 stub exterior Gateway Protocol
Rfc890 external gateway protocol execution table
Rfc894 IP packet transmission standard over Ethernet
Rfc895 standard for transmitting IP data packets over experimental Ethernet networks
Rfc896 congestion control in iptcp Internet
Rfc903 reverse address translation protocol
Rfc911 EGP gateway under Berkeley UNIX 4.2
Rfc917 Internet Subnet
Rfc918 post office agreement
Rfc925 multi-lan address Solution
Rfc930 Telnet terminal type option
Rfc932 subnet Address Allocation Scheme
Rfc937 Post Office Protocol (version 2)
Rfc948 IP data packets are transmitted over the IEEE 802.3 network.
Rfc949 unique commands not made public by FTP
Rfc951 Boot Protocol (BOOTP)
Rfc955 is a transmission service oriented to a processing application
The beginning of rfc962 TCP-4
Rfc968 "this is the darkness before start"
Rfc974 email routing and Domain Name System
Rfc975 Autonomous Federation
Rfc976 uucp mail interchange format standard
Rfc985 Internet gateway requirements-Drafting
Rfc988 host extension for IP multi-point transfer
Rfc1050 RPC Remote Procedure Call Protocol Specification
Rfc1055 non-standard protocol for transmitting IP datagram over a serial line
Rfc1057 RPC Remote Procedure Call Protocol Specification Version 2
Rfc1073 Telnet Window Size Option
Rfc1075 remote vector Multicast Routing Protocol
Rfc1088 standard for IP packet transmission through NetBIOS network
Rfc1090 SMTP in X.25
Rfc1091 telnettelnet terminal type option
Rfc1094 NFS Network File System Protocol Specification
Rfc1096 Telnet x show positioning options
Rfc1097 Telnet subconscious-information Option
Rfc1112 host extension for IP multi-point transfer
Rfc1113 Internet email secret enhancement Part 1-Information encryption and authentication steps
Rfc1131 OSPF Specification
Rfc1132 802.2 standard for packet transmission over IPX
Rfc1134 + PPP protocol: Suggestions on Multi-Protocol packet transfer on point-to-point links
Rfc1142 OSI is-is Domain Routing Protocol
Rfc1144 TCPIP Header Compression on low-speed serial link
Rfc1155 TCPIP-based management structure and tag
Rfc1166 Internet numbers
Rfc1180 TCPIP Guide
Rfc1191 path MTU Exploration
Rfc1215 defines the trap Convention for the Use of SNMP
Rfc1239 Test Management System Library (MIB) to standard management system library (MIB) Redistribution
Rfc1242 standard terminology for network interconnection devices
Rfc1258 remote login to BSD
Rfc1287 future Internet Architecture
Rfc1288 finger User Information Protocol
Rfc1298 IPX-Based SNMP
Rfc1321 MD5 information-Digest Calculation
Rfc1332 PPP Internet Protocol Control Protocol (ipcp)
Rfc1333 PPP link quality monitoring
Rfc1355 network center database confidentiality and Accuracy
Rfc1365 an IP address extension proposal
Rfc1370 OSPF applicability statement
Rfc1387 rip (version 2) protocol analysis
Rfc1388 RIP Protocol Version 2
Rfc1393 traceroute IP Option
Rfc1397 in the Border Gateway Protocol (Border Gateway Protocol) Version 2
Rfc1408 Telnet environment options
Rfc1413 Authentication Protocol
Rfc1418 SNMP is better than OSI
Rfc1420 SNMP is better than IPX
Rfc1426 SMTP service extension for 8bit-multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension protocol (MIME) Transmission
Rfc1428 conversion of Internet mail from just-send-8 to 8bit-smtpmime
Rfc1433 direct ARP
Rfc1445 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv2) Version 2 Management Mode
Comparison of rfc1454 Next Generation IP proposal
Rfc1461 is extended by connecting SNMP Management System Library (MIB) through X.25 multi-protocol
Rfc1469 multi-point transfer through the IP address of the token-ring LAN
Rfc1483 multi-protocol encapsulation through ATM Adaptation Layer 5
Rfc1558 string expression of LDAP research Filter
Rfc1571 interoperability of Telnet environment options
Rfc1590 media type registration process
Rfc1591 Domain Name System Structure and authorization
Rfc1597 private Internet Address Allocation
Rfc1605 SONET to sonnet Translation
Historical Views of rfc1606 using IP version 9
Rfc1611 DNS server MIB extension
Rfc1612 DNS parser MIB extension
Rfc1618 isdn ppp (point-to-point) Protocol
Rfc1628 ups Management Information Basics
Rfc1633 overview of integrated services in Internet Architecture
Rfc1635 how to use anonymous FTP
Rfc1636 IAB factory Security Report on Internet architecture-November February 8-10, 1994
Rfc1643 Ethernet-definition of management objects similar to Interface Types
Rfc1658 the definition of a streaming device using smiv2 to manage objects
Rfc1661 Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
Rfc1671 White Paper on transition to IPng and other considerations
Rfc1690 introduction to Internet Engineering and Planning Group (iepg)
Rfc1691 document architecture of Cornell University Digital Library
Rfc1696 modem MIB defined by smiv2
Rfc1713 DNS debugging tool
Rfc1715 Address allocation efficiency ratio H
Rfc1723 route information protocol (version 2)
Rfc1724 rip version 2 Management System Library (MIB) Extension
Rfc1738 uniform resource locator (URL)
Rfc1752 recommends next-generation IP protocol
Rfc1769 Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)
Rfc1771 Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 (BGP-4)
Rfc1776 address is information
Rfc1777 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Rfc1787 software routing on multiple supply networks
Rfc1796 not all rfcs are standard
Rfc1797 A-level subnet Experiment
Rfc1810 reports MD5 Performance
Rfc1818 Best Practices
Rfc1822 permission to use a specified IBM patent with photuris Technology
Rfc1823 LDAP application interface
Rfc1827 IP password security payload (ESP)
Rfc1828 uses key-coded MD5 for IP address Authentication
Rfc1860 IPv4 Variable Length subnet table
Form-based file upload in rfc1867 html
Rfc1869 SMTP Service Extension
Rfc1878 Variable Length subnet table for IPv4
Rfc1883 Internet protocol, version 6 (IPv6) Specification
Rfc1901 introduction to community-based SNMPv2
Rfc1904 consistent statement of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv2) Version 2
Rfc1918 personal Internets Address Allocation
Rfc1928 socks V5 user name/Password Authentication
Rfc1930 guidelines for autonomous system (as) creation, selection, and registration
Rfc1939 post office agreement-Version 3
Rfc1942 HTML table
Rfc1945 Hypertext Transfer Protocol-HTTP/1.0
Rfc1957 Post Office Protocol (POP3)
Rfc1962 PPP compression Control Protocol (CCP)
Rfc1977 ppp bsd compression Protocol
Rfc1979 PPP compression Protocol
Path MTU exploration of rfc1981 IP version 6
Rfc1982 serial number Algorithm
Rfc1988 grants conditional rights to special HP patents in the Internet-standard network management framework of the Internet Engineering team
Rfc1993 PPP g and Alf fza compression protocols
Rfc1994 PPP Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)
Rfc1997 BGP group attributes
Rfc1998 application of BGP community attributes in Multi-local routing
Rfc2002 IP Mobility Support
Rfc2003 encapsulates IP addresses in an IP address
Rfc2004 IP address minimum Encapsulation
Rfc2005 IP Mobility applicability statement
Rfc2011 SNMPv2 management information used for Internet Protocol smiv2
Rfc2012 SNMPv2 management information basis for transmission control protocol using smiv2
Rfc2013 management information database for SNMPv2 using smiv2 User Datagram Protocol
Rfc2015 multi-purpose Internet Mail extended protocol (MIME) secure with considerable confidentiality (PGP)
Rfc2021 basic version of Remote Network Monitoring Management Information 2 Use smiv2
Rfc2025 simple Public Key GSS-API mechanism (SPKM)
Rfc2040 RC5, RC5-CBC, RC5-CBC-Pad, and RC5-CTS Algorithm
Rfc2042 register a new BGP attribute type
Rfc2046 multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension (multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension protocol (MIME) Part 2: media type
Rfc2053 am (USA) domain
Rfc2078 universal security service application interface (GSS-API) v2
Rfc2079 X.500 attribute type and object type to understand the definition of unified resource locator (URIs)
Rfc2085 HMAC-MD5 IP authentication with replay prevention
Rfc2088 IMAP4 non-synchronous characters
Rfc2095 simple challenge/response IMAP/pop authorization Extension
Rfc2096 IP address for table management system library (MIB)
Rfc2101 IPv4 address today
Rfc2104 HMAC: Type-hash for Information Authentication
Rfc2105 label eXchange Architecture Overview of ccisco System
Rfc2113 IP router warning option
Rfc2118 Microsoft point-to-point compression (mppc) Protocol
The rfc2119 keyword is used to indicate the required level in rfcs.
Rfc2128 dialing control MIB (smiv2)
Rfc2144 Cast-128 Encryption Algorithm
Rfc2147 TCP and UDP use IPv6 jumbograms
RTP payload for excess audio data rfc2198
Rfc2208 Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) -- guidance on configuration in version 1 Applicability statement
Rfc2212 Quality Service Specification
Rfc2217 telnetcom Port Control Option
Rfc2221 IMAP4 logon reference
Rfc2228 FTP Security Extension
Rfc2234 syntax extension BNF: ABNF
Rfc2236 Internet Group Management Protocol, Version 2
Rfc2241 DHCP option for the Novell Directory Service
Rfc2245 anonymous SASL Mechanism
Rfc2260 can be upgraded to support multi-directory and multi-vendor connectivity
A Conversion format for rfc2279 UTF-8, ISO 10646
RFC2281 Cisco hot backup routing protocol (HSRP)
Multi-Protocol extension for rfc2283 BGP-4
Rfc2284 PPP scalable Authentication Protocol
Rfc2289 one-time password system
Rfc2296 HTTP remote variable selection algorithm-rvsa/1.0
Rfc2313 PKCS #1: RSA encrypted version 1.5
Rfc2330 IP address execution rule management
Rfc2343 is applied to the format of the bound mpeg rtp payload.
Rfc2344 reverse IP address Tunnel
Rfc2367 pf_key management API, Version 2
Rfc2372 processing Internet Protocol (TIP)-requirements and supplemental information
Rfc2373 IPv6 Addressing Architecture
Rfc2374 IPv6 cluster-based global unicast address format
Rfc2379 guidelines for implementing RSVP through ATM
Rfc2384 pop URL Scheme
Rfc2393 IP payload compression protocol (ipcomp)
Rfc2394 use deflate for IP payload Compression
Rfc2401 Security Architecture of Internet Protocol
Rfc2403 use HMAC-MD5-96 in ESP and ah
Rfc2404 use HMAC-SHA-1-96 in ESP and ah
Rfc2406 IP encapsulation security payload (ESP)
Rfc2407 the Internet IP address is used to explain the ISAKMP Security Domain
Rfc2408 Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP)
Rfc2409 Internet Key Exchange (IKE)
Rfc2410 null Encryption Algorithm and Its Application in IPSec protocol
Rfc2411 IP Security document Guide
Rfc2412 the Oakley key determines the Protocol
Rfc2435 RTP load format for JPEG compressed videos
Rfc2449 POP3 Extension Mechanism
Rfc2451 esp cbc-mode cryptographic algorithm
Rfc2459 Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure: Certificate and CRL Introduction
Rfc2460 Internet protocol, version 6 (IPv6) Specification
Rfc2463 specification for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) ICMPv6
Rfc2466 IP version 6 Management Information basics: ICMPv6 Group
Rfc2471 IPv6 detection Address Allocation
Definition of the DS field in rfc2474 IPv4 and IPv6 Headers
Architecture of rfc2475 classified businesses
Rfc2492 IPv6 over ATM
Rfc2495 definition of management components for ds1, E1, ds2, and E2 Interface Types
Rfc2508 compression of IP/udp/RTP data headers in low-speed serial links
Rfc2511 Internet X.509 authentication request message format
Rfc2516 PPP transmission over Ethernet (pppoe)
Rfc2526 any subnet transfer address reserved by IPv6
Rfc2541 DNS Security Operation considerations
Rfc2554 SMTP service authentication extension
Rfc2560 X.509 Internet Public Key Infrastructure Online Certificate Status Protocol-OCSP
Rfc2570 standard Interconnected Network Management Framework Introduction
Rfc2577 FTP security considerations
Rfc2581 TCP congestion control
Rfc2582 Fast TCP recovery algorithm NewReno correction
Rfc2585 Bottom Structure of Internet X.509 Public Key operation protocol: FTP and HTTP
Rfc2597 for PHB Group
Rfc2598 for accelerated PHB
Rfc2618 RADIUS Authentication Client Management System Library (MIB)
Rfc2629 write I-Ds and RFC documents in XML
Rfc2633 S/multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension protocol (MIME) Version 3 Information Manual
Rfc2644 change the default value of direct broadcast on the vro
Rfc2669 DOCSIS cable equipment management system library (MIB) Cable Equipment Management Information basics for DOCSIS adaptive Cable Modem and cable modem interrupt Systems
Rfc2670 audio frequency (RF) Interface Management Information Basic for mcns/DOCSIS adaptive RF Interface
Rfc2685 virtual private network identifier
Rfc2702 MPLS-based traffic engineering requirements
Rfc2706 ecml V1: E-commerce field name
Representation mode of javatm objects in rfc2713 LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Directory
Rfc2714 reference scheme for CORBA objects in the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Directory
Rfc2731 encoding of Dublin Core Metadata on html
Format of rfc2732 text IPv6 address on URL
Rfc2733 RTP payload format for normal positive Error Correction
Guidelines of the author of rfc2736 RTP payload format Manual
Release of rfc2754 RPS IANA
Rfc2756 hypertext Cache Protocol (HTCP/0.0)
Framework of rfc2764 IP VPN
Rfc2773 encrypted using Kea and Skipjack
Rfc2774 HTTP extension framework
Rfc2781 UTF-16, an encoding of ISO 10646
Rfc2784 general route encapsulation (GRE)
Rfc2788 network service monitoring MIB
Rfc2793 RTP load for text conversations
Rfc2796 BGP Route Image
Rfc2809 execution through the L2TP forced channel of Radius
Rfc2810 Internet delayed conversation: Architecture
Rfc2811 delayed Internet conversation: Channel Management
Rfc2813 delayed Internet conversation: Server Protocol
Rfc2817 update to TLS in HTTP/1.1
HTTP over rfc2818 TLS
Rfc2824 call process language framework and requirements
Rfc2825 complex network: release of i18n, domain name, and other Internet protocols
Rfc2829 LDAP authentication method
Rfc2830 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (V3): Transport Layer Security Extension
Rfc2833 is used for the RTP load format of DTMF digital, telephone, and telephone signals
Rfc2854 text/html media type
Rfc2855 DHCP for IEEE 1394
Rfc2861 TCP congestion window Test
Rfc2862 RTP load format for real-time pointers
Rfc2866 radius (remote user dialing Authentication System) Accounting Protocol
Rfc2867 radius Account Management modification for Channel Protocol Support
Rfc2868 radius attribute for protocol support
Rfc2869 radius Extension
Rfc2871 an IP telephone routing framework
Rfc2873 TCP process in IPv4 priority domain
Rfc2874 supports IPv6 address set and rename DNS Extension
Rfc2882 network access service requirements: extended scope practices
Rfc2887 reliable multi-point transfer design space for Big Data Transfer
Rfc2889 baseline methodology for LAN switching devices
Key and sequencenumber extensions in rfc2890 GRE
Rfc2893 IPv6 host and software router conversion mechanism
Rfc2898 PKCS #5: Password-based password system Specification Version 2.0. B
Rfc2906 AAA authorization requirements
Rfc2914 Congestion Control Principle
Rfc2917 core mpls ip vpn Architecture
Rfc2918 routing refresh for BGP-4 (Border Gateway Protocol)
Rfc2920 SMTP service extension for command line
Rfc2923 TCP path MTU found problems
Rfc2932 IPv4 multicast route management system library (MIB)
Rfc2935 Internet Open Trade Protocol (iotp) HTTP supplement
Rfc2945 SRP authentication and key exchange system
Rfc2946 Telnet data encryption option
Rfc2959 real-time transmission protocol Management Information Library
Rfc2964 Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) status management application
Rfc2971 identifier extension of Internet Information Access Protocol (IMAP4)
Rfc2976 sip Information Method
Rfc2983 different protocols and channels
Rfc2987 Character Set registration and language media feature tags
Rfc2988: timer for calculating TCP retransmission time
Rfc2991 multi-path distribution in unicast and multi-point transfer next route segment Selection
Rfc2992 equivalent multi-path algorithm analysis
Rfc2994 description of the misty1 Encryption Algorithm
Rfc3001 object identifier's urn namespace
Rfc3003 audio/MPEG media type
Rfc3005 IETF discussion list license
Rfc3007 secure domain name system dynamic update
Rfc3009 registration of the MIME type for parity forward correction
Rfc3014 prompts log management system library (MIB)
Rfc3016 RTP load format for MPEG-4 Audio/Video Streams
Rfc3018 unified memory space protocol specification
Rfc3019 IP version 6 Management Information Base for multi-point transfer listener exploration Protocol
Rfc3021 uses a 31-bit prefix for IPv4 point-to-point connections
Rfc3022 traditional IP address translation (traditional NAT)
Rfc3028 filter: a mail filtering language
Rfc3029 Internet X.509 Public Key Construction Data Validity and authentication service protocol
Rfc3032 MPLS tag stack Encoding
Rfc3033 information domain and protocol identifiers are allocated in q.2941 common identifiers and q.2957 user-to-user signals for Internet Protocol
Rfc3034 label conversion in Frame Relay Network Specification
Rfc3035 MPLS use LD and atm vc exchange
Applicability of rfc3037 LDP
Rfc3038 vcid prompt for LDP through ATM Link
Rfc3040 Internet replication and cache Classification
Rfc3042 use limited transmission to enhance TCP loss recovery capability
Rfc3043 Network Solutions personal network name (PIN): a unified Resource Name Domain for individuals and organizations
Rfc3044 using ISSN as urn In the ISSN-URN namespace
Rfc3046 DHCP relay proxy information Option
Rfc3048 reliable multi-point transmission establishment prevents one-to-many data transmission
Rfc3051 IP payload compression using ITU-T v.44 packaging method
Rfc3055 pint Service Architecture Management Information Base.
Rfc3058 use of idea Encryption Algorithm on CMS
Rfc3059 extended attribute list of service positioning Protocol
Rfc3061 an urn name space of an object identifier
Rfc3062 LDAP password modification extension operation
Rfc3066 language authentication tag
Rfc3067 terena's event object description and conversion format requirements
Rfc3069 VLAN aggregation for effective IP Address Allocation
Rfc3070 Layer 2 tunnel protocol based on Frame Relay
Rfc3072 structured data format change (sdxf)
Rfc3074 DHC Load Balancing Algorithm
Rfc3078 Microsoft point-to-point encryption (MPPE) Protocol
Rfc3081 maps the core of the block extended switching protocol (beep) to the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
Rfc3082 pre-Research Report of service positioning protocol (SLP)
Rfc3083 baseline private interface management information BASICS (MIB) for DOCSIS compatible with cable modems and cable modem Terminal Systems
Rfc3085 news Markup Language (newsml) resource's urn namespace
Rfc3090 Domain Name System Security Extension statement in the region
Rfc3091 improve digital generation protocol
Rfc3093 _ firewall enhancement protocol (FEP)

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