Rootless root: the Unix heart of a famous teacher

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"Rootless root: the Unix koans of Master Foo", Appendix D in the book "Unix programming art", unknown to the original author




The heart-based collection of rootless roots has been preserved in the pure air of Xishan for decades. Its findings have stirred up an uproar in the academic circle. Are these unearthed documents a new discovery of the early UNIX doctrine? Or is it just a future fake? Do the semi-mysterious figures, like the honorable Thompson, Ritchie, and mcllroy, develop the teachings of our age?

The answer is uncertain. The Tao of programming is widely used by all parties ). However, the argument style of "rootless root" is significantly different from that of James's loose and poetic Yiwen translation. Everything revolves around excellence and mystery without a famous teacher.

The comparison between AI koans and koans is quite appropriate. In AI koans, we can also find the traces of the author of rootless root. It is also closely related to loginataka (proverbs). In fact, loginataka and rootless root are probably from one person who has no famous teacher.

Tales of Zen Master Greg (legend of zenzu Greg) is also worth mentioning that the reference to "nine-inch dingtalk" has raised doubts about its ancient degree, it has little impact on rootless root.

There is no doubt that the title draws on mumon's Zen classic book The gateless gate ). Multiple heartbeats can be seen as responses to mumon.

No famous teacher should be attributed to the New Jersey or the Spanish (the epoch of Thompson to Berkeley ). If we cannot answer this question, we may not even be able to claim that no famous teacher exists. It may be just a group of teachers, maybe a group of Dharma experts.

Even if the legend of "no famous teacher" is attached to a single person, what should he do if he is the most valued student nubi? Nubi is a flesh-and-blood image and a perfect disciple. Some may think of the legend of Aranda, the favorite followers of Buddha, but his character traits do not leave any trace in mythical legends, and Buddha is an eternal mystery.

What we can do in the end is to tell the original story and explore its true meaning.

"Rootless root" is still being compiled, and material sorting and interpretation are all difficult issues. After the problem is solved, it will be included in future versions.

No famous teacher or ten thousand lines of code

No famous teacher once visitedProgram"UNIX traditionally believes that a line of shell scripts is better than 10 million lines of C Programs," said the clerk ."

The programmer thinks he is very proficient in C and says, "This is impossible. The Unix kernel is implemented in C ."

No famous teacher replied: "This is indeed the case. However, Unix traditionally believes that a single line of shell scripts is better than 10 million lines of C Programs. "

Programmers are frustrated: "But in C, we can understand the wisdom of Ritchie. We work together with operating systems and machines to achieve unparalleled performance ."

"As you say. However, Unix traditionally believes that a single line of shell scripts is better than 10 million lines of C Programs ."

Programmers sneer and leave angrily. Without a famous teacher, nubi wrote a shell script on the blackboard and asked the student nubi, "Dear programmer, check whether line C is required for this line of pipeline.Code?"

The programmer is chanting. In the end, he admitted this.

"How long do you need to implement and debug the C program ?" Asked nubi.

"Long", the visitor admitted. "But dummies do this instead of doing more valuable tasks ."

"Who knows more about UNIX traditions ?" Asked without a famous teacher. "Do you write 10 thousand lines of code or do you not need to code the task ?"

Hearing this, the programmer's eyes are bright.

No famous teacher or script mad

When there were no famous teachers or students eating breakfast, a strange visitor came from the hacker's mainland.

"Ihear y00 are very l33t," he said. "Pl33z teach m3 all y00 know ". (I heard that you are very good. Please teach me everything you will .)

Students without famous teachers face each other and do not understand such crude words. No famous teacher smiled and said, "Do you want to understand UNIX ?"

"I want to B3 a wizard hax0r", the stranger replied, "And 0wn ever3one's b0xen ." (I want to be a top hacker and master all the machines .)

"I don't want to teach this," replied the instructor.

Strangers are excited. "D00d, y00 R nothing but a p0ser .", He said. "If y00 n00 anything, y00 wud t33ch m3 ." (Sorry, you have no real skills. You need to know something to teach me .)

"There is a way," said the unknown teacher. "You can bring you to the truth ." He wrote an IP address on the paper. "If this machine is hacked, you should be free of effort and its administrator is incompetent. Tell me what you found. "

The stranger bowed and left. No famous teacher finished his breakfast.

A few days have passed, and a few months have passed. No one remembers strangers.

Several years later, strangers from mainland China have returned.

"You bastard! "He said," I hacked the machine. You're right. It's too easy. But I was caught by the FBI and thrown into jail. "

"Okay," said the unsung. "You can continue the next lesson. "He wrote an IP address on another piece of paper and handed it to a stranger.

"Are you crazy? "Shouted a stranger ." After this incident, I will no longer blacklist other people's machines ."

Smiling without a famous teacher's face. "Here is the beginning," he said ."

Hearing this, the eyes of strangers shine.

Dual-path theory without famous teachers

If no famous teacher teaches students:

"The Dharma doctrine has a line, which is embodied in the mantra" do one thing and do it well "of the honorable McILROY. It emphasizes that software should have simple and consistent behavior, which is in line with Unix conventions, so that people and other programs can easily imagine their mental models.

"But there is another quasi-line of Damo's doctrine, embodied in the mantra of the honorable Thompson," with suspicion, using the poor ". Many scriptures have taught us to get 90% of what we get now, it is more valuable than 100%. It emphasizes the robustness and simplicity of implementation.

"Tell me now: what programs are in line with Unix traditions? "

After thinking for a while, nubi pondered:

"Teachers, these teachings conflict ."

"Simple implementation is often under consideration for marginal situations, such as resource depletion, inability to close the competition window, And timeout in unfinished transactions ."

"When an edge condition occurs, software behavior is often irregular and difficult to guess. This is certainly not a UNIX tradition. "

Without the first consent of the famous teacher.

"On the other hand, we all know that exquisite programs are very fragile. Furthermore, each amendment to the edge often involves the core of the program.AlgorithmIt also involves code that handles other edge conditions ."

"As a result, preventing marginal situations from being taken into consideration and ensuring the simplicity of the description will make the code too complex, pile of bugs, and cannot be sold at all. This is certainly not a UNIX tradition ."

Without the first consent of the famous teacher.

"So, what is the correct damodao ?" Asked nubi.

The unknown speaker said:

"When an e flies, does it forget to touch its claws on the ground? When a tiger prey, does it forget the moment of vacuum? VAX only weighs 3 kg !"

Hearing this, the nubi eyes are bright.

No famous teacher and methodology

Without masters and students nubi walking in the Holy Land, without masters used to preach to the new Unix disciples in the city and village at night.

Once, the listener is mixed into a methodologist.

"The optimization program does not repeat the hot spots, just as the fisherman has sprinkled the net into the empty lake ." Said the anonymous.

"So," the methodology said, "managing resources does not continuously measure your production capacity. Isn't it like a fisherman spreading the network into an empty lake ?"

"When I met a fisherman, he threw the net into the lake under the ship," said the Untitled hacker. "He touched the bottom of the ship for a while, as if he was looking for his ship ."

"But," the author of the methodology said, "if he has scattered the network into the lake, why should he find a ship ?"

"Because he can't swim ." No teacher answered.

When I hear this, the methodologists have a bright eye.

No famous teacher's Gui Theory

One night, no famous teacher or nubi attended a programmer's discussion meeting. A programmer asked nubi and his teacher which school they came from. Programmers did not bother to learn that they are followers of UNIX.

"Unix Command Line tools are too rough and too backward," he said. "A modern, well-designed operating system can do anything on the graphic user interface ."

No famous teacher said nothing, just pointing to the moon. A dog yarn his hand.

"I don't understand ." The programmer said.

Without a famous teacher, he was still silent, pointing to a Buddha image, and then pointing to a window.

"What do you want to say ?" Ask the programmer.

No famous teacher pointed to the programmer's head, and then pointed to a big stone.

"Please make it clear !" The programmer asked.

Without a famous teacher's deep eyebrows, pat the programmer's nose twice and throw him to the garbage bin next to him.

When the programmer tried to get out of the garbage, the dog ran over and drowned him.

At this time, the programmer's eyes are bright.

No famous teacher or Unix crazy

A Unix enthusiast heard that no famous teacher knew the truth about UNIX, and then came to ask for advice. No famous teacher said to him:

"He didn't understand it when Thompson invented UNIX. Then he understood, benefited, and no longer invented. "

"When the honorable McILROY invented the pipeline, he only knew that it would pass the software, but did not know that it could pass the idea ."

"When the VIP Ritchie invented C, he put the programmer in the hell of buffer overflow, heap corruption, and bad pointer bugs ."

"To be honest, these honorable people are blind and stupid !"

The hot guys are furious with the words without famous teachers.

"These wise men," he protested. "They gave us the Unix Avenue. We laugh at them, that is, obfuscation between right and wrong is worse than turning them into livestock and MCSE ."

"Is your code completely free of pollution and defects ?" No teacher asked.

"No," the madman admitted, "No one is hunting ."

"The Wisdom of these exclusive people," said the unknown teacher. "It is the ignorance of oneself ."

Hearing this, the eyes of the fans are bright.

Traditional UNIX theory without famous teachers

One student said to the unknown: "We have heard that SCO is sure of pure Unix ."

Without a famous teacher.

The students continued, "We also heard that the opengroup company also holds the pure Unix ."

Without a famous teacher.

"How is this possible ?" Students ask.

No famous teacher replied:

"SCO does grasp the Unix source code, but the Unix source code is not UNIX. Opengroup does grasp the Unix name, but the Unix name Is Not Unix ."

"So what is UNIX tradition ?" Students ask.

No famous teacher replied:

"Non-source code. Non-name. Not thinking. Non-physical objects. Constant change. Unchanged ."

"The UNIX tradition is simple and empty. It is simple, just empty, that makes it stronger than the hurricane ."

"Moving forward with the law of nature, absorbing various excellent designs in the hands of programmers. In the end, the software that competes with it must be imagined; empty, empty, vacuum, and nothingness. Long live !"

The eyes of the students are bright.

No famous teacher and end user

When no famous teacher preached again, an end user heard about his wisdom and ran to ask for advice.

He bowed to none of the famous teachers. "I want to learn about UNIX," he said. "But I don't understand command lines ."

A new observer began to ridicule the end user, saying that he had a pot of porridge in his mind, saying that only trained persons and wise persons could use Unix.

Without a famous teacher, you may not have to say anything, so you may have to laugh at the new disciples of the end user and sit down at the end user.

"Tell me," he said to the new disciples. "What code have you written and what outstanding designs have you had ."

The new disciple gave two comments and then silenced.

No famous teacher turned to the end user. "Tell me", he asked, "Why are you looking for the greatest truths ?"

"The software I used cannot satisfy me." The end user replied, "It is neither stable nor beautiful. I have heard that although UNIX is difficult, it is beyond all. I would like to discard all the bait and virtual images ."

"So," no famous teacher asked, "Why are you trying your best to let the software help you ?"

"I am a builder," the end user replied. "Many houses in the city come from my hands ."

No famous teacher turned to new disciples. "Home cats can also bully tigers," said the Untitled teacher. "But the cats are always better than tigers ."

Hearing this, the eyes of the new disciples were bright.

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