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For a large network environment, what we need is a high-performance router, in the current market of high-end routers, Cisco routing is undoubtedly one of the most suitable products, this article describes the characteristics of Cisco routers, especially in the formation of large networks, the role played out.

Cisco's IT staff has tried a variety of methods, including many it maintenance staff are willing to use PC installation packet capture analysis software, monitoring traffic at the fault point. But for Cisco's huge network, the high demand for the network, those practices are difficult to make it maintenance staff satisfied, tried a lot of tools, the most important problem is packet capture. But even with the group capture feature, you still lack a lot of information, which causes a lot of inconvenience.

If we want to do remote group capture, we have to have an employee put a laptop on site-sometimes at another office building or site, or even hundreds of miles away.

Second, monitoring is a need for hands-on experience of the work, but we have a centralized team. Because we have 160 sales offices, we need tools that can be used for remote analysis and need a solution that not only provides the ability to group capture. They need to detect the application layer of the network to manage network performance and diagnose failures. They need to integrate LAN and WAN detection, providing real-time and monitoring of historical data.

The importance of quality of service (QoS) is increasing, and with the rise of IP voice (VoIP), application monitoring needs will become more complex than ever before. For example, monitoring VoIP requires the ability to monitor the voice quality of each phone call-including jitter and packet loss rates. As the network and its applications become more and more complex, the requirements for monitoring will become more and more high.

Third, Cisco IT team deployed in the network, the company's newly developed Cisco Network Analysis module. Cisco Routing Analysis module is the ideal solution to solve this problem. NAM is an integrated Flow monitoring service module that provides Cisco network administrators with comprehensive application layer visibility and allows network engineers to access this information from a single browser anywhere on the network.

After installation, NAM can implement real-time and historical data application monitoring through routers, including data and voice. With active monitoring, it can easily capture and decode groupings, analyze trends, isolate network failures, and discover application response delays before they occur.

The new VoIP and QoS monitoring features allow administrators to analyze IP telephony processes and verify QoS policies, allowing administrators to perform network analysis intuitively and easily. These interfaces include traffic analysis, port monitoring, application and VLAN monitoring, and voice quality, packet capture, and decoding.

By deploying the NAM module in the Cisco Data Center network, Cisco teams can fully understand network traffic and network conditions. They can monitor various types of applications. Administrators can monitor not only customer relationship management applications, such as Siebel and Oracle, but also front-end Web applications, such as Oracle Web Forms.

As more and more applications have web interfaces, this function of NAM becomes very important because it allows administrators to monitor the enterprise's Web communications and behavior. Cisco also uses NAM to monitor IP telephony to find problems in the data tier.

Although Cisco's IT department has not yet specifically assessed the benefits of using NAM, ng roughly describes the results they have achieved: "So far it has been interesting." After we installed the NAM module, we encountered fewer problems with group capture.

With Nam, our administrators can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the back-panel operation, and thus get a lot of information that was not available in the past. This extra information allows them to make more changes.

By analyzing the performance of the backplane, I learned a lot about the application, before I used Nam, I only knew that the number was high, but I never knew how much it was. Now I finally know. It adds a problem-solving tool for us. ”

NAM is an important part of this new network architecture, because Nam uses a unique design and uses other tools to further exploit NetFlow information, such as Arbor Peakflow and Netqos Reporter Analyzer.

We will need a network management software that can analyze data from different sources to form a complete view of network traffic, and whether they are functioning properly, NAM can help us with capacity planning.

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