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Today, the team lead briefly talked about the development of OA. In the evening, the CMM hands-on course is used to analyze the requirements ~~~~~
In OA, we made some changes to the log-Knowledge Base-QA system, and then changed other unreasonable aspects of the system, such as verification.
Now let me briefly explain my understanding of the functions of the log-Knowledge Base-QA system:
On the OA homepage, you can access the log-Knowledge Base-QA system anonymously, and you can view the log questions of Microsoft engineers.ArticleYou can enter the knowledge base for anonymous comments. However, you cannot post articles or add articles to favorites.
After logging on to the system, you can post articles and add others' articles to favorites. You can modify and delete your own articles. When adding a favorite article, you can select a category for the article to be added. The login name is automatically entered during comments. The comment time cannot be modified. It can help others answer their questions. You can select the best answer for your questions, and view your questions, unsolved questions, and resolved questions.
After logging on to the knowledge base administrator, you can add others' log QA to the public knowledge base or delete Articles in the public knowledge base. You can set the document category, such as C # technology and Java technology.
The display page must be displayed in the form of abstract by category, title, and content search. If you do not select to display in summary, the first 50 words of the content are displayed. To enable the title-only function, you can choose to hide the content when only the title is displayed. The function is reversible.
Release, edit, and other background management pages with the OA version. The article displays the page with the new one.
This is my understanding of OA. Ask the team lead for review ~~~~~~~

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