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ATIV Q is a recent hybrid design by Samsung, from product design, configuration to function to give people a bright feeling. First, it has a unique reversible screen and ultra-thin fuselage, while the 13.3-inch screen also boasts stunning 3200*1800 resolution, with the latest Intel Haswell in the processor and the ability to run Windows 8.1 and Android simultaneously. These stunning features are tucked into a lightweight, slide-in body that is undoubtedly the most unique hybrid design computer of all time.

Of course, the computer products that are usually too avant-garde, there is always a risk, it may not be able to achieve a good experience, then Samsung Ativ Q is to represent a future development of the computer, or just a conceptual attempt, let us together through the trial experience to find out the answer.

Samsung Ativ Q main parameter information:

Screen: 13.3-inch 3200*1800 resolution capacitive touch screen

Processor and graphics: Intel Core I5-4200U Processor at 1.6 GHz, integrated with Intel HD Graphics 4400

Memory and HDD: 4GB memory, 256GB SSD SSD

Operating system: Windows 8.1 +android 4.2.2

Wireless network: 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0

Interface: 2 USB ports, Ethernet, MINI-HDMI, headphone/Mic interface, microSD card slots

Body size and Weight: 332*226*17.1 mm, weight 1.72 kg

Price: 2090 USD (about 12814 RMB)

Exterior design and details

Samsung Ativ Q gives the first impression is very good, the ultra-narrow screen frame design makes it look smaller than the average 13.3-inch model, the body thickness of only 14mm,1.3 kg weight is also very moderate, these parameters for a super-very good. However, if you want to use it as a tablet, you need to have some psychological preparation, because the fuselage size and weight is still large relative to the 10-inch tablet, although the first use you will not feel very difficult, but after a long time need some support, such as the use of knee support in bed.

The closed state of Samsung Ativ Q looks like a plain flat

Slide the Samsung Ativ Q screen out and you'll see the most interesting design part of the machine. Put the screen on top of the keyboard, it's like a normal laptop, but the keyboard area is slightly smaller; you can also keep the screen and keyboard level so you can touch while standing. The final form is to flip the screen backwards, forming a "standing mode" like Lenovo Yoga, using the touchscreen completely. In order to dispel your doubts, I can say with certainty: Samsung Ativ Q's screen hinges are very strong and smooth when rotated. This part of the factory should be a strict pressure test, so we do not worry about its durability, but whether it will be loose over time, it is unclear. In addition, Samsung places the processor part on the back of the screen hinge.

Example of the flip angle supported by the Samsung Ativ Q screen

Screen Buckle Details

The more worrying part is Samsung Ativ Q shrinks the size of the keyboard. As you can see, because of the unique screen design, the area of the keyboard section has been drastically reduced, so there is no touchpad, and no traditional laptop wrist rest, may make some users feel unaccustomed. The pointing lever is designed in the middle of the keyboard, and the narrow key is close to the bottom edge of the keyboard, so in the daily use, we still recommend that equipped with a mouse will be more convenient.

Samsung Ativ Q Keyboard Usage status

The good part is that the area of the key is as large as the normal 13-inch notebook, and the typing feel is good, although the keys are slightly shorter. In addition, the keyboard does not have the backlight function, night use slightly inconvenient.

Samsung Ativ Q Keyboard Details

Looking around the sides of the fuselage, you can see some common interface designs, a USB 2.0 interface on the right, a protective cover, a power button below, and a common headphone/mic combo jack. On the left side of the fuselage, you can see the volume keys and automatic rotary switches, as well as an Ethernet interface and power connector.

Samsung Ativ Q fuselage Side interface design

The more unique part is that the Samsung Ativ Q's screen hinges are also designed with a number of interfaces including USB 3.0 and Mini-hdmi and a MICRO-SD card slot, which means that you need to be able to use them when the screen is up. In addition, Samsung Ativ Q's screen also has a 720P camera, can be used for video calls and photos.

Interface is also designed at the hinge of the screen

It is worth mentioning that Samsung Ativ Q is also equipped with its tablet products in the iconic S Pen stylus, can achieve fast recording, graffiti and other functions, but compared to the Galaxy Tab series, Samsung Ativ Q more heavy, one-hand control of the body pen input will be more laborious.

Samsung Ativ Q with S Pen stylus

In general, the design of Samsung Ativ Q is unique, but does not bring too weird to use the feeling, although not equipped with a touchpad keyboard is not convenient, but the touch screen to a certain extent can solve the problem, the overall use of the feeling is satisfactory.

Screen Display effect

The Samsung Ativ Q features a 13.3-inch screen with a resolution of up to 3200*1800 pixels and a pixel density of 275ppi, which is far more than the 13-inch MacBook Pro (220ppi) with a Retina display, with a very fine display. In addition, the contrast and brightness of this screen is also excellent, in the ultra-bright mode up to 600 nits, even in the outdoor direct sunlight situation is clearly visible. Also, the viewing angle of the screen is excellent. To be sure, the screen section is definitely one of the highlights of Samsung Ativ Q, which has reached the top level of the current ultra-extreme product.

Samsung Ativ Q Screen Display effect

Interface and Features

Samsung Ativ Q is equipped with Windows 8.1 and Android 4.2.2 dual system, and has a very convenient switching mode, only need to click the tile interface or start the Desktop dual system switch icon, you can go from the Windows system to the Android system, You can download tens of thousands of Android apps and expand the use of notebooks. However, the default resolution for Android is 1080P, so the Android system uses the highest resolution only if the Windows mode resolution is 3200*1800. In addition, the Android system can share music, videos, photos, and Documents folders with Windows, and you can change the settings by using the dual system Settings tool.

Samsung Ativ Q is equipped with dual system

Android System interface

Of course, Samsung Ativ Q has a bigger role to play under the Windows 8.1 system, and you can easily exit dual system mode without restarting to return to Windows 8.1 systems. The machine is also equipped with Sidesync software that allows you to connect your Samsung Galaxy phone, virtual control on your computer screen, easily swap files between your phone and computer, or share your phone's screen with a larger display.

Windows 8 Interface Effects

The biggest problem now is that Samsung plugs 4.5 million pixels into a 13.3-inch screen, so an amazing resolution can be a big problem for Windows systems. Although the Windows 8.1 system provides the new DPI Autoscale feature, but the current Samsung Ativ Q does not have the good support, the 3200*1800 resolution still has the icon, the text is small, you need to use the DPI zoom and the text amplification function to obtain the good viewing effect, so , the Samsung Ativ Q sets the default resolution at 1080P. This situation may improve when Windows 8.1 is officially launched.

Of course, when viewing images or viewing 4K video at native resolution, the Samsung Ativ Q screen brings a very fine view, but you have to switch the resolution often to get a better daily experience. Samsung should focus more on the scaling capabilities of the application and interface interfaces to accommodate such high screen resolutions.

Processor and performance

Samsung Ativ Q is powered by Intel's fourth generation dual core I5-4200U processor at 1.6GHz, with 4GB memory and 256GB SSD, and the video card is integrated with Intel HD 4400. The allocation mechanism of memory under dual system defaults to Windows 2.5GB, Android 1.5GB, and can be self-tuning.

In Windows 8 mode, you can get a 5.9 score of the system score, and Android under the Rabbit Rabbit Run score is up to 54861, very amazing. However, Samsung seems to have limited the processor frequency in turbo mode from 2.6GHz to 2.3GHz to save more power and extend the battery life. It takes only 9 seconds from booting to the system and is almost instantaneous.

Samsung Ativ Q Windows system rating

However, since the Windows 8.1 system has not yet been formally released, Samsung Ativ Q is currently only equipped with a preview system and we have not performed a full performance test. We tried to run the Crysis 3 game, and Samsung Ativ Q was able to play more smoothly in low-quality images. Cooling, 100% of the processor operating temperature is basically less than 28 degrees Celsius, but in the flat mode, due to the cooling hole is obscured, the fuselage surface will be somewhat warm.

Multimedia features

With support for both Windows and Android dual systems, Samsung Ativ Q is capable of almost any format of multimedia playback, plus excellent screen effects and the sound of stereo speakers, overall multimedia performance is excellent. Thanks to the ultra-high-resolution screen, playing 4K-level ultra-clear video effect is also very shocking, can be said to be a new generation of mobile chip weapon.

Samsung Ativ Q Play online 4K video

Endurance capability

Samsung official propaganda Ativ Q can achieve nearly 9 hours of use, because the machine uses a new Haswell processor, so this performance is not surprising. In real-world testing, browsing the web and watching movies with 60% brightness can basically get up to 7.5 hours of usage time, but if you play 4K video for a long time, your endurance will be greatly reduced.

Large power consumption when playing 4K video

Evaluation Summary

It can be said that Samsung through Ativ Q, the realization of the ultimate mobile computing industry mix, this innovative design of the ultra-can not only easily from the laptop to tablet, but also into the windows and Android two operating systems, to provide users with a more comprehensive mobile internet experience. At the same time, strong hardware and a decent range of life also increased the practicality of the product, you can carry it as the main computer used when out.

As for the purchase proposal, in this type of product, the Sony VAIO DUO 13 is the closest option to the Samsung Ativ Q, which is also equipped with the Haswell Core i5 processor, but the screen is only 1080P Full HD and the hard disk space is smaller. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 is a cheaper option, but the design is not as avant-garde as Samsung Ativ Q, with low screen resolution and short battery life. In short, if the price does not mean up to $2020 (about 12392 yuan), Samsung Ativ Q is undoubtedly the best portable computer, but also represents the future trend of such products.


· Ultra-clear resolution screen

· Ingenious body design, compact form factor

· Seamless switching between windows and Android dual system


· Unconventional keyboard feel general

· USB 3.0 and HDMI interfaces are not available in tablet mode

· There is an issue of poor scaling effect in the informal version

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