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Samsung recently has its own Windows PC products all renamed to Ativ series, in order to achieve a more unified product positioning. Among them, Samsung to the Ativ Book 9 ultra-Polar (previous series 9 Series) for a number of updates, the screen resolution of the previous 1600*900 pixel upgrade to 1080P Full HD, the size is still 13.3 inches, the overall display effect more delicate. Another big new feature is the built-in Samsung Sidesync app, which allows you to control Samsung's Android smart devices with a laptop computer. So is reloading the Samsung Ativ book 9 worth the price of 1399 dollars (about 8577 yuan)? Let's take a look at its actual use experience.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 main parameter information:

Screen: 13.3-inch 1600*900 pixel screen (low-distribution), 1080P Full HD screen (high-edition)

Processors and graphics cards: Intel Core i7-3537u processor with 2GHz frequency, Intel GMA HD 4,000 set Cheng Xianka

Memory and hard disk: 4GB memory, 128GB SSD Solid State Drive

Operating system: Windows 8

Wireless network: 802.11b/g/n wireless network, Bluetooth 4.0

Interface: 1 USB 3.0 connectors, 1 USB2.0 connectors, mini HDMI, mini VGA, headphone jack, SD card reader

Fuselage size and Weight: 313.6*218.4*12.9 mm, weighing 1.17 kg

Price: from USD 999 (RMB 6125)

Appearance design and details

Design, samsung Ativ Book 9 basic continuation of the previous style, all-metal fuselage looks very high-end, the overall workmanship is very exquisite. The measurements size of the machine is 313.6*218.4*12.9 mm, weighing 1.17 kg, compared to the same model Dell XPS 13 and Toshiba Kirabook are more lightweight, portable, and we can see Samsung in the computer base using a beautiful curve design. Samsung Ativ Book 9 interior also uses the blue-gray aluminum alloy material, a power button is designed on the keyboard, the touchpad around the use of chrome plating process. In addition, a groove is also designed at the bottom of the fuselage to easily open the notebook in one hand.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 overall design

Although the fuselage is thinner, Samsung Ativ Book 9 interface design is also more comprehensive, mainly using a number of micro-standard interface to replace the full size of the interface, concentrated in the fuselage on both sides of the thicker parts. As you can see, the left side features a USB 3.0 connector, mini HDMI, mini Ethernet and Jack for the AC power adapter, and a USB 2.0 connector on the right, mini VGA and headphone/Mic two in one, and an SD card reader designed at the bottom of the fuselage.

Samsung Ativ book 9 fuselage side interface design

Samsung Ativ Book 9 offers an island-style keyboard that is superior to the touch, has a wide and good feedback, and also supports backlight. In our test, the machine can achieve 60-character input speed in a minute, above the average of 55 characters. In addition, the wide touchpad also has a good operating experience, providing enough space to carry out multi-touch operation, the effect is very smooth, perfect fit with Windows 8 system.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 keyboard design

A major upgrade to the Samsung Ativ Book 9 version is the 1080P Full HD resolution screen, making the display more sharp, especially in the text section. In addition, the visual angle of the screen is still excellent, three people at the same time see no problem. We use this machine to play the 1080P resolution of the movie trailer, dark black and yellow restore effect is good, but some scenes will appear noise, which affect the video sharpness and tonal accuracy. In addition, there are some problems with the red color of the screen, such as Blood red looks closer to pink, maroon is more like brown. In terms of brightness, the Samsung Ativ Book 9 test score of 284 lux, above average brightness and Toshiba Kirabook 281 Lux, but less than Dell XPS 13 329 Lux. The Samsung Ativ Book 9 screen also does not support touch operation, which is a slightly regrettable deficiency.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 screen display effect

The Samsung Ativ Book 9 also has a 1.3 million-megapixel camera built with a built-in Samsung software to take photos. In the natural light environment, the photo color is more accurate, but in the fluorescent environment, most of the photo effect is dark, and there are more obvious noise.

Processor and video card performance

Our test of the Samsung Ativ Book 9 high version employs the Intel Core i7-3537u processor with 2GHz frequency, 4GB memory, providing a more powerful multitasking capability for laptops. When playing online high-definition video, run Google Chrome, IE and Firefox browser to open more than 10 tabs, and run the full system scan function, no cotton phenomenon occurred.

In the PCMark 7 processor performance test, Samsung Ativ book 9 scored 4490 points, performance above average and Dell XPS 13, but less than Acer Aspire S7 and Toshiba Kirabook, which are identical to Samsung Ativ book 9.

PCMark 7 processor Performance test scores

The Samsung Ativ Book 9 built-in SSD hard drive takes only 7 seconds to complete the boot of the Windows 8 system, and is impressive, well above the average of 26 seconds. File transfer speed is slightly worse, 4.97GB multimedia files 33 seconds, the equivalent of 154Mbps transmission rate, lower than the other three competitors, but better than the average level. In the OpenOffice spreadsheet macro test, Samsung Ativ Book 9 takes 5 minutes 9 seconds to match 20,000 contacts, above the average 7 minutes 3 seconds, but less than the Toshiba Kirabook 4 minutes 40 seconds.

Hard drive transmission Speed test scores

In line with other lightweight and ultra-extreme copies, Samsung Ativ Book 9 also has a built-in Intel 4,000 set Cheng Xianka, which can deal with High-definition video and some casual games, but overall game performance is weaker. In the 3DMark 11 graphics performance test, achieved 597 points, below the average level and other three of the same built-in integrated graphics competition model, the optimization seems not good enough.

3DMark 11 Graphics Performance test scores

In the actual operation of "World of Warcraft", in the automatic configuration effect, Samsung Ativ Book 9 can be 1366*768 resolution to obtain 33FPS frame rate, has a certain game value, but not up to 41fps mainstream level; But when the resolution is raised to 1920*1080, Down to 20fps, the screen is not smooth enough.

World of Warcraft (automatic configuration) run frame rate

Thermal performance

In general, the thermal performance of the Samsung Ativ Book 9 is generally the same, after watching the online HD video 15 minutes, the temperature between the laptop keyboard g and H reaches 38.8 degrees Celsius, and the back is 37.7 degrees Celsius, which is above the comfort level of 35 degrees Celsius. The temperature near the touchpad is still within normal range, at 30 degrees Celsius.

Battery life

In battery life testing (connecting WiFi, 40% screen brightness), Samsung Ativ Book 9 's endurance of 5 hours and 7 minutes was disappointing, compared to other competitive models and averages, and higher processor configurations affected overall battery life.

Samsung side Sync and other software

Samsung Ativ Book 9 has a built-in side sync software that allows users to better manage Samsung Android smart devices on their computers. We connect the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the laptop via USB, the software will automatically jump out, the screen will appear a mobile phone interface, can be installed on the computer for mobile phone applications (need to adjust the phone to USB debugging mode). In addition, you can use the mouse and keyboard on the computer to implement some mobile phone operations, such as sending text messages and emails, and even using mobile IM software chat, compared to the mobile phone screen virtual keyboard input text more convenient. We also like the ability to cut and paste text between mobile phones and PCs, especially when using text-processing software such as impression notes. In addition, you can use the side Sync software in the mobile phone and computer free transfer photos and other formats of the file.

Samsung Side Sync Software

In the use of the process, Samsung Ativ Book 9 can completely restore the mobile phone screen content, but the problem is that the virtual Phone screen display area is small, affecting the overall use of the effect of transmission speed, it is about half a second lag, can also be accepted. We also use other brands of mobile phones for testing, although we can successfully connect, but can not use Samsung side sync for management.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 has a rich Windows 8 application built in

In addition, Samsung Ativ Book 9 also has a rich Windows 8 software, including some of its own applications, including Allshare multimedia sharing function, with Smart TV, mobile phones, tablets through the wireless network to share multimedia content, the overall function is very rich.

Optional configuration

The Samsung Ativ Book 9 is equipped with the Intel Core i7-3537u processor at 2 GHz, 4GB memory, 128GB solid-state drive, Intel HD 4000 graphics card and 1920*1080 resolution Full HD screen for $1399 (8577 RMB) There is also a version of the basic configuration, processor frequency down to 1.7GHz, screen resolution is 1600*900 pixels, the other configuration is unchanged, the price is 999 U.S. dollars (about 6125 yuan).

Evaluation Summary

Samsung Ativ Book 9 as an upgraded version, with better screen performance and more powerful processor configuration, and with built-in sidesync software to achieve seamless docking with its own Android devices, which are the advantages of this machine. However, lower than average battery life and poor heat dissipation, or affect the overall use of feeling, so we recommend that users interested in this machine can wait for less power Haswell chip version.


· Lightweight fuselage design

· Full HD display

· Mainstream performance and faster startup time

· Samsung Sidesync Application


· Endurance in general

· Overall heat dissipation of general

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