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Look at the sharing of these programmers, you will rise up in the pose drop!

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Guru S (it freelancer, software and web Developer, graphic and web designer)

This is the problem that I look forward to meeting in Quora!

I'll start with the funniest: I've created a batch file, and whenever I log on to my computer for more than 10 minutes without manually releasing the batch file, it will erase all the love action movies on the hard drive. If I hang up today, even if you know my power-on password, I can die peacefully, without worrying about the soul being caught in the present, and not worrying about how the world will find these action films after my death.

Three years ago, I didn't know the MVC architecture.

At that time, we were still writing code with a three-tier architecture. Later, after becoming a software architect, I introduced a four-tier architecture in the company (where the presentation is divided into two parts, one in the client with JS development and the other on the server side). It is well known that n-tier architectures require large amounts of redundant and repetitive code. At that time, we had to write a lot of repetitive code to build the data access layer, the business logic goal, the form and the biggest part: JS in OOP. To solve this problem, I wrote a program to do these things automatically. The amazing thing is that it takes more than a week to complete a task that can now be solved in less than 15-20 minutes.

Later, when I learned Angular JS and ASP. NET MVC, I found that MVC already contained functions similar to what is called scaffolding. Although this is not the case now, I wrote another program to create the Angular JS controller and the view model, which can be created automatically by the ASP. NET MVC view model.

During the last semester of my study project, we had to include them in the handbook. We didn't know that Dropbox had the ability to save screenshots automatically. And, pasting in the drawing board (not in Word, because the resolution is not high enough) and save this series of actions is too cumbersome. What's more, there is a great chance of making a mistake of overwriting a saved file. I used VB. NET to compile a program, when the quick combo three times the mouse automatically screenshot the current window and save to the specified folder. Yes, I did better than Dropbox, haha. But if I had known Dropbox, I would not have written this program.

This project, like a spy software, has been running for many days in my home computer (all the family members are using).

In the same period, I did not know that SQL has sp_generate_inserts this function. When I needed to copy 100 rows of data between two tables, I almost created a script with the same logic as the function to copy a specific column between the tables based on the ' where ' condition.

Right now: I just started using Quora (just 20 days ago). I didn't find any way to download the answers to the questions I asked. I'm writing a program to automatically download the answers.

Yash Bhardwaj (want to dedicate to the AI world)

I think the idea of automation is simply fantastic. Here are a list of things I've already automated. It is life becomes easy, and the computer is very satisfying to serve you. 3rd, 4, 9 is my favorite.

  1. I hate people messing around with my personal computer or even breaking into my room, so when this happens, the webcam detects it and automatically takes pictures and immediately sends me an email!

  2. I am interested in history, for example, every time I go to a monument or memorial place, I always want to know about it. And what's better than Wikipedia when you're a guide! Whenever my GPS is close to important historical sites, my smartphone will automatically open Wikipedia.

  3. I chased the play has got/the Flash/bbt/mr.robot and so on. Download with BT seeds in India is the best choice. So whenever a new episode is created, it will be downloaded automatically. If you want to download the full season, I only need to hit "Play name" + "Quarter X". The program automatically sorts the number of sets and downloads it with the subtitles.

  4. When it comes to seeds, there's a program that automatically downloads 10 English movies per month based on IMDB rankings. But sometimes it fails because of the seed's low seed rate.

  5. I like things about space, so whenever NASA's Hubble telescope uploads its daily photo, my phone wallpaper is updated as well.

  6. The weather is now predictable, but we still need someone to remind me, and I'll get a text message to remind you if it rains tomorrow.

  7. As Indians, we never buy things on the MRP, but always looking for cheap goods, so I made up the same thing online, a tracking product price dynamic script and update on the Excel page, whenever there is something to jump the price I will get what is worth buying notice.

  8. Whenever there is a flash purchase or a big sale day, a script automatically puts the big discount into my shopping cart. This helped me to grab a red-rice phone that was sold out in 5 seconds, plus a priority invitation to a mobile phone, and so on.

  9. Whenever I open a stealth window, look at the love action. The history of course will not be saved but there will be a vacuum in the later period. So what my script did was to fill this vacuum with regular websites and random articles when I was invisible.

  10. Now there are other small automation, such as my Twitter DP and face book DP sync, State synchronization, tagged photos will be saved to my Dropbox, if someone calls my phone more than three times my phone mute mode will automatically switch off, whenever I insert headphones, music automatically start playing random tracks, Perform backups, and so on.

All of these tasks are simple to execute, and you don't have to have a lot of programming experience to implement. There are tools like IFTTT that can help you, but the real joy of automation is writing scripts (such as VB, Java, PHP, etc.). It's still a concept phase, but I want to open up all of these great scripts like a product. So even the technical little white can also automate things. Now you will say that I have done a good job of the above app, but look at it! "Every Facebook has a MySpace & Freindster to cushion it back. "

Happy Automation! In case I think of anything else will update this list:)

Ashhar Hasan (Bachelor of Computer Engineering Class 2013). Perennial commitment to challenges)

I automate a number of tasks:

  1. automatically download bing daily wallpaper: This is a PowerShell script that starts an external program 30 seconds a day to download files only when there is a network connection. Then another script runs every day (or the next time you have a chance) and copies the downloaded picture to the folder I specified.

  2. Automatically download Windows Spotlight lock screen Pictures: This is also written in PowerShell, used to copy all Spotlight pictures to a folder, and according to their resolution divided into two groups, a group of telephones, a group of laptops, You can also remove trash images.

  3. some boot startup programs delay startup: because I do not have an SSD, but the boot has many programs to start. So I wrote a batch file to wait for the disk I/O to fall below a certain threshold, and then start the program from high to low based on the priority level.

  4. Automatic Git command: There are about 60 + GitHub and Mercurial repositories in my system, and I want them to stay up to date with upstream. So I wrote a shell script to run all repositories of a specific directory (and level two directory) at a given depth, getting a new commits from upstream. I'm writing a tool that can run any git command in multiple repositories.

  5. Auto Licence Header: I also wrote a PowerShell script to give the repository some files (depending on the file type) plus a specific Licence header.

  6. Not Configured repository found: This script is to find all the root directories without the README, LICENCE,. Gitattributes, and. Gitignore repositories.

  7. An extension that downloads all GitHub issues and pull-requests saved as markdown files so I can browse offline.

  8. Batch renaming: This is a tool to rename a TV series by extracting information from the directory structure and file name.

  9. What to see tonight: a python script that tells me which movies I should watch based on some of the criteria I give (release date range, rating, type, etc.).

  10. Song builder: a script that generates a playlist of songs I haven't listened to for a long time and generates a playlist of songs I've recently collected but not played once.

In order to make my life easier, I still do a lot of things.

Aarjith Nandakumar (programmer, hot and special)

I set My Computer 2:05 am to automatically boot, Dial-Up Networking and start uTorrent, and finally after the 7.50 AM or downloaded after the automatic hibernation.

In my college days, we only enjoy unlimited broadband connections at  2 am to 8 am. (This is because the full-time unlimited package has a bandwidth limit of up to 2 Mbps in the evening, and the maximum bandwidth for the night) I'm also obsessed with experimenting with different Linux distributions and downloading  ubuntu, Kubuntu, mint mate, mint cinnamon, f Edora, Debian, SUSE, etc. However, it is difficult to stay up to 2 a.m. every day. So I set up a scheduled task in Windows  2.05AM trigger a batch script to establish a connection (Modem is configured to bridge mode, not get a better download speed without using PPPoE). This task is set to wake the system to run, so it can be executed from the sleep state.

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The UTorrent configuration is set to the immediate end of the shutdown, and there is another scheduled task as a double insurance to ensure that the 7.50 AM shutdown if the download is not over.

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The only problem I came across was that the computer was in the hall, and the blue lights were flashing when the boot was turned on. My parents thought I forgot to turn off the computer at night and shut the machine for me, so I got up and found there was no download at all. After that I thought they had explained the plan, and then it was all right:)

Ankit Jain (programming is the Gospel of slacker)

I have written a script for my automatic chat on Facebook. This script reads an Excel file, the file specifies the object I want to chat with, every five minutes to check if these chat objects are online.

My auto chat starts with HIIIIIII. Then choose from the predefined questions and answers to keep chatting.

If someone asks a question that differs from a problem that already exists in my Excel, 50% will automatically reply to hmmmmmmmmmm. and immediately notify me by e-mail and text message I need to intervene in the chat. No one complains to me now that I don't care about them.

The same script randomly selected from different sites to bless people's birthday words, and posted on the birthday of friends on the wall.

[added]: If any of my friends have no contact with me for three weeks on Facebook (No comments, likes, chats, stickers, etc.), the script will delete them (just because they are not on the list of people I like to chat with). It makes life a lot easier.

[Note]: Some considerations for people interested in the code
1. The current authorization section is still manual, it is a desktop application, only used when I log in to Facebook and the browser opens a page.
2. This is currently based on Python, Java, and Selenium.
3. I am using the help of a friend to turn it into an Android app, or a portable desktop app. Please expect that you may download it on the Google Play store or GitHub. I will only reply to Hmmmmmmmmmm before.

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See how programmers are automating the ultimate!

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