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The following features are currently implemented:

1Most basic requirements, according to the current text box characters to remove the appropriate data
1.1 Support multiple elements of the same page to invoke this plugin
1.2 Required parameters are URLs
1.3 For continuous input, will be all the previous Ajax request cancellation, to avoid causing unnecessary pressure on the server(Figure 4)
1.4 Most basic calls$ ("Myel"). Autocmpt ({url: "url"});
2Null keyword query switch (Emptyrequest, the mouse point appears in the input box (the Drop-down list is used), and the default is True(Figure 1)
3Support associated query, that is, the prompt result of the current text box can be based on the value of another element of the page
3.1 supports only one associated element (that is, the parent element), with the parameterParentIDDefinition, (default null)
3.2 On the OpenParentIDoption, if the parameter definition is useparentvalue=false (default), the plug-in takes its custom property to filter (associate), otherwise (true) the Value property of the element is associated
3.2.1 In view of the above,Useparentvalueproperty is False, the element must be an element that invokes this plug-in.
3.2.2 WhenUseparentvalueProperty is true, the element must be a form element (that is, it must have a Value property), but it is not necessary to be a smart prompt element
3.2.3 Not definedParentID, this item is meaningless
3.2.4 defines theParentIDcase, the parent element must have a value, otherwise no hint will appear
4The result of caching the last query is supported. (in the case of multiple elements of a page, the same will determine the last element that triggered the commit to decide whether to use the cache)
4.1 Currently only supports one result of caching one element at a time, the last query results that can be considered to extend to each element are cached
5See the default effectFigure 1Contains:
5.1 Text description of each item
5.2 Spelling of each item (if any)
5.3 The primary key value (if any) for each corresponding database is not visible
6Multi-column view, to solve a large number of short message arrangement (such as people's names),(Figure 2)
6.1 WithMulti=falseOpen it
6.2 Phonetic options are not visible
6.3 Primary key values are not visible, but still exist
6.4 is only available when the number of records removed is greater than 32 o'clock (4*8, the current value is not suitable, with CSS Strong association, if you change the CSS, mainly refers to the width of the tip box, then please change it to the appropriate effect).
7Too much data to pagination
8.1 Currently does not support configuring per-page display number
8.2 Does not support paging back at this time
8.3 If the element option isMulti=true, you will intelligently determine the number of entries on the next page, and a quantity condition will automatically become a multiple-column view, otherwise the default view will be restored(Figure 3)
8The keyboard command for the response has
↑←: Last One
↓→: The next one
ESC Cancellation Prompt
The form will be submitted without intercepting the carriage return event
9Back to the background of the data format is required, see plug-in instructions, the current implementation of four fields: ID, text, pinyin, superior ID, even if there is no value, but also to send a null value back
9.1 On Small project use, so did not do too much expansion, otherwise you can like Google, reserve a considerable number of fields, as well as a multidimensional array to return results, now this common hint is fully enough, welcome to expand their
TenGeneral website Program:
10.1 Google uses a common AJAX query that returns an array containing query criteria and query results (no query criteria for the return value of this plugin)
10.2 Baidu used Ajax to return the script, the results as script parameters passed in and automatically executed
10.3 Cool News is a jquery Jsonp way to return the result set in callback way (generally I use JSONP time is for Cross-domain, that is, processing the request domain name and the current page domain name is inconsistent, the browser will prevent the submission).
10.4 This plug-in is the first option. If the smart hint source is not in this domain, can refer to Baidu, cool news, and other ways to change
11 Download Address: Local download


Note: The downloaded sample project is a web site that requires. NET framework3.5 support, can be run on IIS, or open a Web site with vs2008+

Figure I, default view

Figure two, multi-column view

Figure three, automatically restore the default view when you continue to enter or page in Figure two, less than one page

Figure four, demonstrating an AJAX request before canceling in continuous input

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