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Many people have not been on the graphic design of learning, but also can do a good ppt, is because most of the use of the template, they do more to see a lot of natural will do PPT. Here to introduce a few business ppt layout.

1 layout: Generally from top to bottom of the order to put the title, pictures, text and so on.

2 layout: This is also a common layout way, the left and right arrangement of pictures or text, produce contrast.

3 Circular layout: Circular has the effect of gathering, eye-catching, in typesetting is also very good.

4 divided layout: According to the needs of the content, you can divide the page into several parts, so have a good sense of balance.

5 Chessboard Layout: This unified mode can put a lot of content, different from each other.

6 Full text layout: This kind of typesetting with the text as the theme, strengthen the appeal of the text, easy to read.

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