Several methods of processing fuzzy photos to clear in PS

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1. Use the sharpening tool in the Toolbox.

2. Set the pen decoration properties of the sharpening tool in the property bar. Set the brush to a softer pen and reduce the strength.

Tip: Use a soft brush to smear, will not appear blunt edge, low intensity repeated smear a bit similar to the painting in the rendering techniques, can make the modified part and the surrounding has excellent transition, do not see the repair traces.

3. Set the pen as the appropriate size, smear in the eye area, you can see, the pen in the place, the image will slowly become clear up, we slowly coated, so that its clarity to achieve the ideal can, do not overdo it, it will appear unsightly noise and spots.

The most easy way: USM Sharpening Scheme

The advantage of sharpening tools is that they can be sharpened as needed, with the disadvantage that they are not good to operate. Especially for beginners, 1:30 will also master bad, then is "USM Sharpening" filter bar, it is designed for blurred photos of a filter, suitable for the whole picture to adjust.

Use the menu "filter → sharpen →usm" pop-up sharpening dialog box, in this example we set a large number of values to achieve a clearer effect, a smaller radius to prevent loss of image quality, the minimum threshold to determine the edge area to sharpen.

Tip: The quantity Value control the degree of sharpening, the higher the number, the clearer the image, but not the higher the number of better, too high a number of images will increase the clutter, affect the quality. The RADIUS value is used to set the affected pixel range, that is, the specified edge of a large range of pixels are adjusted, if the radius is high, the picture will appear a large area of light and dark, loss of detail. The threshold value is used to determine how much of the sharpness pixels must differ from the surrounding area before being filtered as edge pixels and sharpened, the image is softer when the values are high, and the image is sharper when the value is low. When you adjust these values, you should observe more and take the most appropriate values. This method is suitable for fixing the slight blur caused by focusing.

Advanced technique: Sharpening image with overlay edge method

Both methods are conventional tips, and if you want to make your photos clearer and better, you'll have to use high contrast to preserve the filters and layer blending modes.

1. Open the blurry photo, press "ctrl+j" shortcut key, copy layer to layer. Then press "shift+ctrl+u" shortcut keys to color the image. We'll use this black and white layer to harden the edges.

2. Use the "filter → other → High contrast" menu to pop up the High Contrast Reservation dialog box and set the value to "0.9". Click OK.

3. Set layer blending mode to "overlay", Press "ctrl+j" shortcut key copy layer, if the image also has fuzzy phenomenon, you can duplicate several layers superimposed on the top.

Hint: The image is not all evenly balanced, in the repair, some areas may be overdone, resulting in miscellaneous spots. We can erase the superimposed image by using an eraser.

Super Magic-topaz Filter

Super Magic--topaz. This is a very good clear filter, it can not only apply to blur the image of the field of clarity, but also for the art of image processing. It and Photoshop with the sharpening filter to calculate the different way, you can calculate a very beautiful hand-painted effect, very suitable for hair, plant images of the clarity and artistry.

After installing the Topaz plug-in filter, we open a picture, use the menu "filter →topaz Vivacity→topaz sharpen", and in the Main tab, set a sharp value of "1.9".

In the Advanced tab, set the linear feature to "0.84", you can see that the details of the hair in the image immediately become very clear, and the art of processing, just like with a tick strokes out of the same pen. Using this feature, we can make the effect of the shot.

On the left of the image above, the right side is the effect of using the Topaz filter, especially eyes and hair, just like a painting.

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