Sichuan Bazhong Primary School was rented out hotel 300 students start without classroom

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Sichuan Bazhong Primary School was rented outside the hotel 300 students opening no classroom (picture)

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It is also the beginning of the year season. Today (6), Bazhong Bazhou District Seventh Primary School in the five grade of nearly 300 students came to school only to find no classroom, had to stay in the playground to turn over the new book.

The students who are stranded on the playground

Original title: Bazhong Primary School More than 300 students no classroom original classroom was rented out hotel

Sichuan News Network Bazhong September 6 (Pakistan News Network reporter Chen Lianbo Yukayan) is a year start season. Today (6), Bazhong Bazhou District Seventh Primary School in the five grade of nearly 300 students came to school only to find no classroom, had to stay in the playground to turn over the new book. Parents of students have reflected that the school will be rented out of the original teaching building hotel. The head of the school confirmed the claim, saying that a few years ago the school and a hotel signed a lease agreement, the school's original more than 600 square houses outside rent, lease for 15 years, as to the details, the official said is not very clear.

More than 300 students have no classroom, stay on the playground to turn over new books

Today (6), this is the school day, but there are netizens said that Bazhou District Seventh primary School grade five 300 students to now have not started school.

6th 9 o'clock in the morning Xu, Pakistan News network reporters came to the return on the return street Bazhou District Seventh Primary School, the school's five-year students and parents are anxiously waiting on the playground, some students sit on the ground flipping the new book, and there is no sign of the course.

Home to return to the street near the Yang Master said, his granddaughter from the first grade to grade four has been in seven small school. But early in the morning to school, only to find that there is no classroom, the school has no leadership to explain what is the ultimate reason, do not know their granddaughter in the end in which classroom to study.

Ms. Zhang's children are also in the seven junior grade five, their children at the end of August after registration, the school has not scheduled classrooms, do not know what is the school is going on. Crown Network Entertainment network

According to a person claiming to know the situation at the scene of the parents said that the five-year student before the classroom is seven small rent in the original Mao high school teaching building, after the expiry of this year, the landlord and a kindergarten signed an agreement, the school had to sign an agreement with the kindergarten, but the original teaching building has been renovated for personal use, The new classrooms signed by the school and the kindergarten are still being renovated.

The school's new rented classroom

School says normal class tomorrow, parents worry about children's health

For the parents, then the news network reporters in the school has been confirmed.

"We signed an agreement with Wen Mao Middle School for 2014 years from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015. But we did not get notice of the landlord in advance, we did not know that the classroom has been rented another person. Later we actively with the kindergarten consultation, but the original kindergarten classroom has begun to decorate, we have to negotiate with the kindergarten, the rest of the kindergarten classrooms to rent to us, due to time constraints, we have repeatedly urged the decoration party. Now the decoration has been basically completed, the table stool is already in place, tomorrow can arrange students normal class. "Bazhou District Seventh Primary School-related aspects of the head of the introduction said.

But there were parents on the scene who showed concern about the new classroom. "Now is a doll, all want to let him in a good learning environment to study, but now the situation children have no way to read, even if the newly renovated classroom can barely start, but just renovated on the move in, we do parents can rest assured Ah." ”

A parent surnamed Feng said the new classroom was small enough to fit more than 70 students, and the classroom was located on the upper floor of the community without a place to live. Parents are more worried that the newly renovated classroom environment is not standard, taste very large, will be harmful to the health of children. Crown Network Entertainment network

Students in grade five need to cross the road to the school's headquarters across the street.

The original rental classroom expires, the new classroom will be small class teaching

Subsequently, Pakistan News network reporters from the school's headquarters to cross a road, about 5 minutes later came to a place called Jin Haiyuan community. It is understood that the school's previously rented classrooms are here. Just upstairs, reporters were stopped by kindergarten staff, he said Bazhou District seven small rent classroom on the other side, this side kindergarten has been rented.

The reporter then found the Bazhou District seven small currently rented classrooms, located in 4, 5, 63 floor, a total of 13 classrooms. Reporters at the scene to see 4, 5 floor of the classroom has been basically renovated, the classroom placed table stool, but located on the 6 floor of the classroom is still in the decoration.

Bazhou District Seven small related aspects of the head said, the school rented a total of three floors, of which 4, 5 floor is the classroom, 6 floor is the function room, function room about October to use. The 4 floor is shared with the kindergarten (the time of the class belongs to the school, the rest of the time is for the kindergarten). At present, there are 4 classes in grade five, more than 70 students in each class, because the existing classrooms only more than 20 square meters, the school reality small class teaching, the original one class divided into a, b two classes for teaching.

The original house of the school has now become a hotel.

School house outside Rent 600 square open hotel, rental period 15 years

In the interview process, there are students parents reflect, the reason that the school will be rented outside the classroom, on the one hand is due to the recent two years of school students gradually increased, the more crucial thing is that the original teaching building outside the rental of other people to open hotels. Subsequently, the Pakistani news network reporters to the parents reflect the hotel, found that the hotel is close to the school, only separated.

Sichuan Bazhong Primary School was rented out hotel 300 students start without classroom

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