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This journal is the first publication of our developer team. It is also the anniversary of the 512 Wenchuan Festival (which cannot be too fancy). To remember 5.12, I hope you will pay attention to your friends in every disaster area! We will occasionally provide you with the latest:Silverlight tutorials, source code and news, as well as silverlighter job opportunities!

Silverlight team news:

Silverlight developer group 3 has been upgraded to the high-level group QQ, which has MB of online storage space and MB of album space. This group will promise to provide services for you for a long time and will never be disbanded!

Please continue to support the "Yinke Empire" group, continue to support the development, exchange, and progress of Microsoft Silverlight technology!
Silverlight developer group (Yinke Empire ):
Silverlight developers group 1 group 50992947 (advanced group)
Silverlight developers 2 group 80540932 (advanced group)
Silverlight developers: group 3, group 53054462 (advanced group)
Silverlight developers: 4 groups, 19358088 (Common Group)

Silverlight job opportunities:

  1. Long-term recruitment of silverlight3.0 book writers:Recently, yundun has been writing the silverlight3.0 book and has signed a contract with the publishing house. Now it has been around 80% years since I was looking for a person with lofty ideals to create this book. If you are interested, I can write it, after the publication, your name will be attached to the book. The cost is not much. If you are interested, add QQ: 372900288. If you are interested, add "books". Thank you.
  2. Collection of Small and Medium files of silverlight2.0 and 3.0:Recently, the team is working on a Silverlight file presentation website, which will show your developed Silverlight files. Your files can provide more part-time Silverlight project development opportunities for the team and you, interested friends welcome to your work source code sent to: mailbox, require complete work, to silverlight2.0 or later versions (including 2.0), thank you.
  3. Long-term recruitment of part-time team business promotion director, not limited to men and women:The development team has been recruiting the business promotion director of a part-time team for a long time. We are the first professional Silverlight development team in China. We have excellent developers and designers. We need you to let us know and understand us, we will provide you with more opportunities and space. Please add QQ: 372900288 for work treatment and work details, and add the "Promotion Director" for the recipients. Thank you.

Silverlight industry technical news:
Knowledge of middleware-based software development methods
Use Silverlight to search for Microsoft download center

What are the advantages of Silverlight:

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Silverlight tutorial and learning:

Silverlight (original) daily Tutorials:


SL counter (Woody zero-Basic Silverlight)

Wonderful statement of Lao JingHai


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Silverlight community Navigation:

Http:// (Yinke Empire) Silverlight developers group area, welcome to the visit:


Download the Silverlight Tutorial:Http://

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Contact the developer team:

Fengyun I am a silverlighter!QQ: 372900288

Email: MSN:

Silver light developer (silver guest Empire): Fengyun blog:

Contact QQ: 372900288 for our comments and suggestions. Please note "suggestions or comments". Thank you for your cooperation!

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