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SlaveAdobe shareSpeakingSilverlightOfXPSYes. Long ago, we only knewFlashThere is no reason to use Flash in addition to the ability to do something that JavaScript cannot do or do not do well, especially for complex interactions. Later, Flash was added with video support, but it was never taken seriously. However, one day, YouTube appeared, and people found the true value of this support and followed suit. Later, Flash also added support for PDF files. This technology has recently been successfully used by Adobe to develop Web sites, that is, Adobe SHARE.

InSilverlightAt the time of release, most of the Flash functions of Silverlight were implemented (excluding embedded fonts), including the video and documentation support. However, the video support is changed to WMV, so it directly supports DRM, and the document support is changed to XPS. What can this XPS support do? Let's take a look at the Adobe SHARE example document. This document is actually a PDF file. However, you do not need to install any client PDF reading software or add any PDF plug-ins to your browser, you can directly read in Flash in the browser.

In the past, documents in Sharepoint were directly read in a browser in read-only mode, which can be converted to HTML Version for display. Sharepoint has built-in this function, however, this conversion will certainly be distorted. Now we can consider converting it to XPS, and then using Silverlight as a reader. Like the HTML version, the client does not need to install the Office, but the user experience is much better than the HTML version, it is basically not distorted. Can XPS support be implemented? Yes. Someone has made a small demonstration to prove that XPS Reader can be implemented on the web. See Simple Silverlight XPS Viewer.

In fact, when talking about Silverlight's XPS support for such a "off-the-shelf" topic, I just want to explain that many RIA technologies have emerged, but there are currently no suitable application scenarios, or some of the official application scenarios that you think are too narrow and have little value for you. For example, for HD video support, you may wonder who can enjoy this HD video with the current bandwidth. Microsoft and 20st Century Fox can work together to build a demo website. In fact, what we really need is a kind of creativity, to imagine how to use these technologies that few people have used to explore the potential market value, not many of these technologies have been used. Once you dig deep, you are already an expert, and your leading position is solid.

Finally, let's use our imagination to think about the meaningful scenarios that the existing functions of Silverlight can be applied. If you have any ideas, you can leave a message directly in the comments.

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