Simple 5 principles for handling printing failures

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Now the printer has become a computer product that is often used in people's work and life, and because it is a frequently used product, people often encounter such or such problems. Now I would like to introduce some simple maintenance methods.

  One, the printing effect is different from the preview

Generally this situation occurs under the text editor, common such as word or WPS, in the preview is clearly neatly formatted, but printed out to find that some of the fonts are overlapping. This situation is generally due to improper settings in the editing, the solution is to change the file "page properties" in the paper size, paper type, the number of words per line, can generally be resolved.

  Second, the printed handwriting is not clear

This problem is commonly used in the printer is very common, generally this situation is mainly related to hardware failures, encountered this problem generally should pay attention to some key parts of the printer. Here we take the inkjet printer for example, encountered printing color blurred, the font is not clear, you can lock the head in the nozzle, the first machine automatic cleaning, if there is no success can be soft absorbent paper to wipe close to the print head of the place; If the above method is still not resolved, You only have to reinstall the printer driver.

  Three, unable to print large files

This happens more in the laser printer, it may be normal to print small files, but when printing large files will panic, this problem is mainly software failure, you can view the remaining space on the hard disk, delete some useless files, or query the number of printer memory, whether it can be enlarged.

  Four, choose to print after the printer does not respond

In general, when this happens, the system usually prompts "check to see if the printer is online and the cable is connected properly." The general reason may be that the printer power cable is not plugged in, the print cable is not properly connected, the contact is bad, and the computer is damaged in the mouth. To remind you that there are several ways to solve the following:

1. If it is not normal to start (that is, power light is not lit), first check the printer's power cord is properly connected, in the shutdown state the power cord to plug again, and a power outlet to try to see whether it can be resolved.

2. If the printer can start normally after pressing the print power switch, go to the BIOS setting to look at the port settings. Generic printers use ECP mode, and some printers do not support ECP mode, which can be Ecp+epp, or "Normal" mode.

3. If the above two methods are invalid, you need to focus on checking the printing cable, first the computer off, the printing cable at both ends of the pull down to plug in, pay attention to not live plug. If the problem is not resolved, try a different print cable, or use a substitution method.

  V. Printing is not complete

If you encounter such a problem, you can be sure that it is caused by a software failure, you can change the Print interface settings, select "Start → settings → control Panel → system → device management → port → printer port → driver → change driver → show all devices", change "ECP print Port" to "printer port" After confirmation.

The above mentioned several methods are using the printer on the more common fault, but in fact, solve the printer's fault is the most important or judge, as long as we can find the cause of the failure, we can through the hardware or software methods to repair. Of course, people in the actual use of the printer will also encounter other problems, so this requires you to master more printer maintenance skills.

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