Simple and feasible vro password cracking method

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How can we perform correct vro password cracking? Many people may not quite understand this. In fact, the Router password cracking method is very simple, but two routers need to be used for two routes. Here we are an ADSL cat with a route, and a TP-LInk router. If your ADSL does not have a route, find another one. This is what the hardware requires.

Step 1: set ADSL Broadband cat to automatic dialing to disable its DHCP function. Disable the SNMP function in the security options.

Step 2: connect the network cable on the ADSL cat to the WAN port of the router, and then set the IP address of the computer and the IP address of the router to a CIDR block, and the IP address of IE is configure the router: change the WAN connection type to static IP address. Note that the wan ip address is not in PPPOE mode.) change the wan ip address to an IP address segment of the ADSL cat, for example, for the IP address of the ADSL cat.) subnet mask, Gateway, DNSS: 202. 99. ***. ***.

Some broadband providers have bound MAC addresses on the authentication server to limit the number of connected users. At this point, you can first connect the computer bound with the MAC address to the lanport of the router (but the router should not connect to the Modem or the wiring provided by the ISP), and then use the MAC address cloning function of the Router password cracking, copy the MAC address of the network adapter to the WAN port of the Broadband Router. The "MAC address clone" function of the Broadband Router breaks through the address binding of the broadband provider to achieve Internet sharing among multiple computers. Take TP-Link TL-R400 + small router as an example. Go to the Web Settings page of The vro from the computer with the bound MAC address, and select "Initial Settings" under "Basic settings" in the main menu ", click "modify" in the "wan interface type" column, and then select "Dynamic IP ". After saving, return to the "Initial Settings" Page. There is a text box after the option in the "Wan MAC address" column, where the content is the MAC address of the local machine, you can modify the MAC address in the text box and enter the MAC address of the bound Nic. If you do not know the MAC address of the NIC, you can select Clone MACMAC address Clone) button to Clone the MAC address of the NIC of the current computer to the WAN port of the TL-R400 +. Save and restart the vro.

Note: You must select "Dynamic IP" in the "wan interface type". Otherwise, the option of modifying the MAC address and cloning MAC address of the WAN interface will not appear. If you are using other access methods, such as static IP addresses and PPPoE, you can go to the configuration page to modify the WAN type after completing the preceding settings.

MAC address clone

At present, China's Netcom or Telecom broadband has blocked multi-host internet sharing in some regions to ensure the interests of ISP (network operator) itself, because the blocking methods used by different cities or regions are different, therefore, the corresponding vro password cracking methods have also changed. However, most of them adopt the MAC address detection mechanism, which usually locks the MAC address of the first computer Nic connected to the network, as the only valid Terminal to provide normal network connection services.

In the case of Internet sharing, the vro as a network device carries a MAC address, which occupies this "quota" after it connects to the wired broadband ", when other computers connected to the vro share the Internet, the local computer detects that the IP packets sent by the vro contain other illegal MAC address information, in this way, the local terminal will discard or close the detected IP data packets.

Tip: when the network adapter sends an IP packet or a packet of other network layer protocols, it will automatically split the packet and package it into a data frame with a maximum of 1518 bytes and a minimum of 64 bytes. The data frame includes the target MAC address, the source MAC address, the protocol type in the data packet, and a dword crc code. In many cities, it is difficult to crack the vro password because a MAC address is bound at a time, or the account or password is changed during the dialing process, you must call to inform the network operator that the network card has been changed or use the sniffing software to detect the real account or password so that the correct dialing parameters can be set in the Broadband Router. However, as you can see from your description, your city only uses the method of binding the MAC address of the dial-up host Nic, so you use the "special dialing" mode of the Broadband Router, all IP data packets sent by WAF can contain the unified MAC address information to break through the restrictions.

Internet sharing solution

Currently, most broadband routers support functions such as "MAC address cloning" and "host camouflage mode", which can convert a router into a single connected device, this breaks through the multi-host sharing restrictions bound to MAC addresses on the local terminal. Take the TP-LINK product as an example, after logging on to the management interface, click the "Network Parameters → MAC address clone" option in the left-side menu, and then go to the right window, the MAC address used by the router is "00-14-78-B6-47-5D ". The MAC address used for the PC currently logged on to the vro is "00-11-85-1B-0D-0C". Just click "clone MAC address, the router can convert its MAC address to the MAC address of the currently logged on host, and the IP packet sent here contains the unique MAC address information, save the modification and you will be able to break through the multi-host sharing restrictions.

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