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<! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http:// "> <ptml xmlns=" "> <pead> <meta http-equiv=" Content-type "content=" text/html; charset=gb2312 "/> <meta name=" Copyright "content=" China Web first station "/> <meta name=" description "content=" "/> & Lt;meta content= "" name= "keywords"/> <title></title> <style type= "Text/css" > <!--/* CSS from LM Y 2007-4-28*//*css for all begin*/ul, OL, Li, img {margin:0; padding:0; border:0;} /* Player style 20070510 modify Lmy start/#ImgPlayer {width:682px; height:352px; overflow:hidden; border:3px #BDCBD7 solid; padding:1px 3px 0 1px;} #ImgBlk {width:452px height:339px; Background:url (images/news_pic_ws_001.gif) no-repeat 10px 2px #E9F0F7; padding : 13px 12px 0 11px; Float:left;} #ss_img_div {width:452px; height:302px; Overflow:hidden} #ss_img_div img{border:1px #000 solid;} #ImgNum {height:37px; Overflow:hidden;} #ImgNum ul{width:375px; padding:0 0 0 0; Float:left; Cursor:default;} #ImgNum li{width:30px height:25px; line-height:25px Overflow:hidden; padding:6px 0 0 0 text-align:center; font-family : Arial; font-size:9px; Float:left; margin-right:5px; Cursor:pointer;} #ImgNum Li.itemoff{background:url (images/news_pic_ws_002.gif) no-repeat bottom; color: #000;} #ImgNum Li.itemoff: Hover{color: #A80000} #ImgNum Li.itemon{background:url (images/news_pic_ws_003.gif) no-repeat bottom; color: #A80000; Font-weight:bold; height:25px; line-height:25px; PADDING:6PX 0 0 0;} #ImgNum div{float:left; width:73px text-align:left; padding:4px 0 0 0; margin:10px 0 0 0; height:15px; line-height:15px; Cursor:pointer; font-size:12px; Color: #7D98BF;} #Play {background:url (images/news_pic_ws_004.gif) No-repeat bottom right;} #Pause {Background:url (images/news_pic_ws _005.gif) No-repeat bottom right; #TxtBlk {width:206px; Float:left} #Txt {padding:15px 10px 0 10px; text-align:left; height:300px; border:1px #D7E5F5 Solid ; Border-left:None Background:url (images/news_pic_ws_006.gif) Repeat-x Bottom;} #Txt h2{color: #A80000; text-align:center; font-size:18px font-family: "blackbody"; font-weight:normal; padding:1px 0 5px 0; Background:none;} #Txt H2 A, #Txt H2 a:visited{color: #A80000; text-decoration:none; #Txt H2 a:hover, #Txt H2 a:active{color: #A80000; text-de Coration:underline;} #con {text-align:left color: #344F71; line-height:21px} #date_PN {text-align:left; font-size:12px;} #date {padding : 12px 0 0 8px; Color: #5C5C5C; width:200px; Float:left; Text-align:center} #PN {float:left width:100px; padding:11px 0 0 0; Background:url (images/news_pic_ws_007.gif) No-repeat 50px 9px;} #PN #pre {display:block; float:left; width:42px; padding:0 0 0 8px; Background:url (images/news_pic_ws_008.gif) no-repeat 0 3px; Text-decoration:none; Color: #009;} #PN #next {display:block; float:left; width:44px; padding:0 0 0 6px; Background:url (images/news_pic_ws_009.gif) no-repeat 44px 3px; Text-decoration:none; Color: #009;} #PN #pre: Visited, #PN #next: VISited{color: #009; #PN #pre: Hover, #PN #next: hover{text-decoration:underline}/* Player style 20070510 Modify Lmy end * *--> </s tyle> </pead> <body> <div align= "center" > <!--player begin--> <script type= "Text/javascript "Src=" Js/imgplayer1.js ></script> <script type= "Text/javascript" language= "JavaScript" >//Content Part SS = New Slideshow ("SS"); Ss.prefetch = 1; SS.SIZELMT = true; Ss.repeat = true; s = new Slide (); S.SRC = "Yun_qi_img/u1565p1t247d4546f4939dt20070723090615.jpg"; S.title = "heat wave hits Europe"; = ""; S.con = "Some countries in southern and central Europe have been hit by heat waves for days." As of 21st, the number of deaths caused by persistent heat in Romania, Austria and Bulgaria has reached 18. "; Ss.add_slide (s); s = new Slide (); S.SRC = "Images/u1565p1t247d4547f4939dt20070723093347.jpg"; S.title = "Thunderstorm weather in Hangzhou"; = ""; S.con = "22nd evening to night, Hangzhou has a rare thunderstorm lasting four hours." "; Ss.add_slide (s); s = new Slide (); S.SRC = "Images/u1565p1t247d4548f4939dt20070723093437.jpg"; S.title = "Female due phase"Appearance confined "; = ""; S.con = "July 12, Liuyang Town Regiment countryside, because looks ugly, Chen Xiaogong often confined." For more than 30 of years, people have been called "Face girls". Inferiority makes her accustomed to licking her calf's sadness in the dark. "; Ss.add_slide (s); s = new Slide (); S.SRC = "Images/u1565p1t247d4549f4939dt20070723093650.jpg"; S.title = "The British suffered heavy rain attack"; = ""; S.con = "Many areas of western, central and southern England and Wales have been hit by heavy rains and thousands of houses have been flooded." "; Ss.add_slide (s); s = new Slide (); S.SRC = "Images/u1565p1t247d4550f4939dt20070723093940.jpg"; S.title = "Qinghai Kumbum monastery tan Buddha"; = ""; S.con = "Sun Buddha, held in the annual lunar Four, June, two times the FA conference." It means to commemorate the birth of Sakyamuni. "; Ss.add_slide (s); s = new Slide (); S.SRC = "Images/u1043p1t247d4544f4939dt20070722122754.jpg"; S.title = "The British company was hit by a rainstorm"; = ""; S.con = "Two consecutive days of torrential rains have caused some parts of the UK to suffer floods, traffic disruptions, housing flooded and other rescue workers are struggling to cope." British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said it was necessary to "learn from the floods". "; Ss.add_slide (s); s = new Slide (); S.SRC = "Images/u1043p1t247d4545f4939dt20070722122927.jpg"; S.title = "Yunnan Library gas Leakage"; = ""; S.con = "Yunnan Province Library security Rojun again came to the electronic reading room, ready to save the second person, he felt dizzy, shook some, because the body inhaled too much white mist, and also fell into the electronic reading room. "; Ss.add_slide (s); s = new Slide (); S.SRC = "Images/u1043p1t247d4539f4939dt20070720085817.jpg"; S.title = "Women naked protest KFC chicken abuse"; = ""; S.con = "July 19, 2007, Bangkok, 2 naked protesters protested against KFC for abusing chickens." "; Ss.add_slide (s); s = new Slide (); S.SRC = "Images/u1043p1t247d4540f4939dt20070720085856.jpg"; S.title = "Xinjiang Beitun Plastic Steel plant Fire"; = ""; S.con = "July 19, 2007, Xinjiang Beitun a plastic steel factory fire." The fire burned down the production workshop and ignited the open-air stacking of foam-packed nets, and the billowing smoke from the burning of plastic products emitted a large amount of pollutants into the atmosphere. "; Ss.add_slide (s); s = new Slide (); S.SRC = "Images/u1043p1t247d4541f4939dt20070720090022.jpg"; S.title = "The United States held a set of calf activities"; = ""; S.con = "July 18, 2007, the United States Wyoming State Summer security Border Day, the calf activities are underway." "; Ss.add_slide (s); for (Var i=0 i < ss.slides.length; i++) {s = ss.slides[i]; = "_blank"; }//--><!]] > </script> <!--picture player body begin--> <div id= "Imgplayer" > <!--large map begin--> <div id= "imgblk" > <div id= "ss_i"Mg_div "> </div> <div id=" Imgnum "> <!--digital begin--> <ul> <li class=" Itemoff "id=" Imbtn0 "onclick=" ss.goto_slide (0) ">1</li> <li class=" Itemoff "id=" imbtn1 "onclick=" Ss.goto _slide (1) ">2</li> <li class=" Itemoff "id=" imbtn2 "onclick=" Ss.goto_slide (2) ">3</li> Li class= "itemoff" id= "Imbtn3" onclick= "Ss.goto_slide (3)" >4</li> <li class= "Itemoff" id= "Imbtn4" oncli Ck= "Ss.goto_slide (4)" >5</li> <li class= "Itemoff" id= "Imbtn5" onclick= "Ss.goto_slide (5)" >6</li&gt ; <li class= "Itemoff" id= "Imbtn6" onclick= "Ss.goto_slide (6)" >7</li> <li class= "Itemoff" id= "Imbtn7" on Click= "Ss.goto_slide (7)" >8</li> <li class= "Itemoff" id= "Imbtn8" onclick= "Ss.goto_slide (8)" >9</li > <li class= "Itemoff" id= "Imbtn9" onclick= "Ss.goto_slide (9)" >10</li> </ul> <!-- Digital End--> <!--played--> <div id= "Play" onclick= " (); document.getElementById (' Pause '). style.display= ' block '; ' None '; "onmousemove=" ' #c00 '; "onmouseout=" ' #7D98BF '; > Auto Play </div> <!--play End--> <!--pause begin--> <div id= "Pause" onclick= "Ss.pause" ( ); document.getElementById (' Play '). style.display= ' block '; ' None '; "onmousemove=" ' #c00 '; "onmouseout=" ' #7D98BF '; > Pause Play </div> <!--pause End--> </div> </div> <!--big picture end--> <!-- Title Body begin--> <div id= "txtblk" > <!--content begin--> <div id= "Txt" > <p id= "tt" & GT: Heat wave hits Europe </p> <p id= "con" > Some countries in southern and central Europe have been hit by a hot heat wave in recent days. As of 21st, the number of deaths caused by persistent heat in Romania, Austria and Bulgaria has reached 18. </p> </div> <!--content End--> <!--date begin--> <div id= "DATE_PN" > & Lt;diV id= "date" >2008 year August 8 Friday </div> </div> <!--date End--> </div> <!--title body en D--> </div> <!--picture player main end--> <script type= "Text/javascript" > <!--//--><! [cdata[//><!--Ss.pre_update_hook = function () {sid = Ss.current; title = Ss.slides[sid].title; Linkurl = Ss.slides[sid].link; totals = Ss.slides.length; Scon = Ss.slides[sid].con; Tempid = parseint (SID) + 1; document.getElementById ("tt"). InnerHTML = ' +title+ '; document.getElementById ("con"). InnerHTML = Scon; for (var i = 0;i < ss.slides.length;i++) {document.getElementById ("imbtn" +i). ClassName = "Itemoff"; } document.getElementById ("Imbtn" +sid). ClassName = "Itemon"; Return } if (document.images) {ss.image = document.images.ss_img; Ss.update (); (); }//--><!]] > </script> <!--player end--> </DIV> <div > Point Download-ComeSource by Webmaster College </div> </body> </ptml>
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