Sina Weibo why Weibo could not be published successfully?

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Microblogging cannot be successfully published in the following situations:

1, violates the network to use the security rule

If the content of the publication violates the "Sina Weibo community Management Regulations (trial)" or related regulatory policies, micro-blog can not be successfully released;

2, the URL contains unsafe links

In order to provide users with a pure network environment, if the input URL does not meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, suspected unsafe links, it can not be successfully released;

3, contain personal attack

Published information may cause adverse effects or personal attacks on other users, and is not suitable for posting and disseminating on microblogs.

4, the account has the risk

When your account is in the risk of theft, the account will be suspended by the system, you can not publish Weibo, in order to ensure that your account security, we recommend that you immediately modify the micro-blog login password; Bind the mobile phone can make your account more secure, after binding, please account security settings

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