Small way to teach you to let the PowerPoint arrows follow the target.

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Problem: When I use PPT to make org chart, the blocks are connected with arrows, but if you move the square, the arrow is still in place, and the adjustment is very troublesome.

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Click on the Graphics toolbar "rectangle" can be painted with the background of the box, right click to select "Add text" to the department name input, in order to ensure equal size, you can copy this box. It is important to add arrows. You must have used the more obvious arrows in the drawing tool, and it's OK to move with the target. You should select a connector in AutoShapes (see Figure 1) and choose a style (generally select "Straight arrow Connector"). OK, try again, no matter how the box moves, the arrows always point to the square that you originally referred to. So how do you display the chart more beautifully? First, select the area of the square and the arrow, then click the "Drawing" in the lower left of the interface, and select "Align or distribute", OK, all kinds of alignment to your choice, will soon reach the ideal effect of uniform distribution.

Figure 1 Connectors

Wonderful use of practical flags in Word

Question: Our unit usually needs to do some markers, such as prohibiting smoking signs and so on, where can we find this information?

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There are many practical signs in word that make it quick and convenient to use certain fonts.

First click the menu "Insert → symbol" and select "Webdings" in the Font Drop-down box, do you find a "no smoking" sign in the symbol area (see Figure 2)? Select it, click Insert, and then press the Close button. Once you've found the target, you need to print it perfectly. Resize and color, set the font size to 200 or more, don't forget to enter a line of text below the sign "no smoking", and adjust the font, color and size, the last of all the text center line, it's done! In addition, select Wingdings, Wingdings 2, Wingdings 3 of different fonts, and more interesting symbols, may be helpful to you.

Figure 2 There are a lot of practical signs hidden in Word.

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