"Small white CFD Tour" 11 Knock example "Continued"

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Take the "Small white CFD tour" 10 Knocking example

2.4 Materials Settings
2.5 Cell Zone Conditions
2.6 Boundary Conditons
2.7 Dynamic Mesh
2.8 Reference Values

2.4 Materials Settings

Use the Model tree node materials to set the media properties in the computed domain.

, fluent has added two materials by default before any material is created: the fluid material is Airand the solid material is aluminum. The media material used in this case is liquid water , which can be create/edit by clicking the button ... To achieve. After clicking this button:

    • In the pop-up create/edit Materials dialog box, select Fluent Database ... Button
    • In the popup dialog box, select the material medium water-liquid (H2O ) in the Fluent Fluid materials list box.
    • Click the Copy button to select the material

      To modify material properties such as density, viscosity, specific heat, heat conductivity, and so on, you can modify it directly in the Parameter settings box. This case uses liquid water from the fluent material library and does not modify the material.

2.5 Cell Zone Conditions

In this model tree node, you can set calculated domain properties, such as calculated domain media, calculated domain motion, and so on.

The button elements in the diagram:

    • Zone list: Lists the calculated areas that are included in the grid. Some calculation models contain multiple compute areas
    • Phase: When a multiphase flow model is used, this option can be activated to set parameters for different phases. This example is a single-phase flow, so the drop-down box is not available.
    • type: Set the calculated field types, including Fluid,Solid two types
    • ID: Displays the area ID in the selected list item, which is useful in UDF programming
    • Edit ... : Set zone Properties
    • Copy: Copy area parameters to other regions
    • Profiles: Profile Management window
    • Parameters: Parameter Management window
    • Display mesh: Show grid
    • Operation Conditons ... : Set Operating conditions
    • Porous Formulation: This option is activated when the setting area is a porous media area.

Select Edit ... button to open the Regional Settings dialog box.

    • Set Material Name to water-liquid.
    • Click the OK button to confirm the operation
2.6 Boundary Conditons

You can set the boundary conditions for the calculation model in the Model tree node boundary Conditions ...

Interface elements are similar to the cell Zone conditions Setup Panel.
Set Boundary conditions:

  • inlet-y Boundary settings
    • Select the boundary inlet-yin the Zone list box, select the Type drop-down box option velocity-inlet, click the mouse button to Edit ...
    • The Parameter Settings dialog box pops up. Under the Momentum tab, set the Velocity manitude parameter value to 0.3; Select specification Method to Intensity and hydraulic Diameter, set tubulent Intensity to 5, set hydraulic Diameter For 0.15.
    • Switch to the Thermal panel and set temperature to.
  • inlet-z Boundary settings
    • Similar to the inlet-y setting, the difference is that the Velocity manitude parameter value is set to 0.1; set hydraulic Diameter to 0.15 ; set temperature to
  • Outlet boundary settings
    • Select the Type drop-down box option pressure-outlet, click Edit ... Button
    • In the popup dialog box Momentum tab, set Gauge pressure to 0, set specification Method to Intensity and hydraulic Diameter, set backflow turbulent Intensity to 5, set Backflow hydraulic Diameter to 0.15
    • Switch to the Thermal panel and set temperature .
2.7 Dynamic Mesh

This case does not involve moving the mesh, so no setup is required

2.8 Reference Values

The reference value setting is used for the calculation of various coefficients in the post-processing, this case does not involve the calculation of coefficients and therefore does not set this node.

Note: As the case is longer, it is broken up into multiple

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"Small white CFD Tour" 11 Knock example "Continued"

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