Smart hard disk status detection

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Smart Introduction

S. M. A. R. T. is called self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology ". It is an automatic hardware status detection and warning system and specification. Monitor and record the running status of hardware, such as head, disk, motor, and circuit, and compare it with the preset security value set by the manufacturer, if the monitoring condition is beyond the security range of the preset security value, you can automatically warn the user through the host monitoring hardware or software and perform minor Automatic repair, to guarantee the security of hard disk data in advance. In addition to some hard disks that have been released very early, most hard disks are now equipped with this technology.

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  • Function Description: smartmontools is an open-source Disk control and monitoring tool that runs on Linux, UNIX, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS, OS/2, cygwin, and windows, it can also run from the boot disc or boot floppy disk, supporting ATA/atapi/SATA-3 (to-8) bit hard disk and SCSI hard disk, as well as tape equipment, it mainly includes two utilities: smartctl and smatd.

The hard disk it monitors must have S. m.a. r. t feature. Currently, all hard disks have this feature, but this feature is not enabled by default. There are two ways to enable this feature:

  • Set options through BIOS
  • Use the smartctl command. It can be used to test the health status of the hard disk and provide early warnings before a fault occurs.
Basic use of smartctl
  • Smartctl-Scan
  • Smartctl-I/dev/SDA
  • Smartctl-H/dev/SDA
  • Smartctl-A/dev/SDA
  • Smartctl-A/dev/SDA
Smart attributes

Smart attributes include critical attributes and informative attributes, key attributes and information attributes.
The key attributes include the most important data about hard disk health, while the data provided by the information attributes is generally auxiliary. To distinguish them, you can view threshold (threshold/limit value). A non-zero value indicates a key attribute, and a zero value indicates an information attribute.

Description of smart values

* The current value of value * the worst value of worst, which can be understood as the peak value of a certain item * raw values/data and the total value of data associated with an attribute * threshold/limit value: if a property exceeds the limit value specified by threshold, it indicates that your hard disk is faulty. * Status: OK: value is normal/OK: Always passing indicates normal; warning and pre-failure indicate that a fault may occur. Bad or failed indicates that a fault has occurred.

Each drive manufacturer defines a set of properties and sets a threshold value. exceeding this property should not pass through normal operations. Each attribute has an original value, which means that the value is completely normalized by the drive manufacturer (but usually corresponds to the count or physical unit, such as degrees Celsius or seconds). The value range is 1 ~ 253 (in general, 1 represents the worst case and 253 represents the best) and the most difference, it represents the lowest record, normalization value. According to different manufacturers, the values of 100 or 200 are often selected as the initial standard value. Manufacturers that have implemented at least one smart attribute in a variety of products include Samsung, Seagate, IBM (HITACHI), Fujitsu, Mattel, Toshiba, Intel, Stec, and Western data and yituo technology.

Important key attributes

In general, if the following 10 indicators start to change significantly, it indicates that the hard disk is starting to enter an unstable state and may even stop working at any time.

No. Hexadecimal value Name Optimal status Chinese name
01 0x01 Read Error Rate Lower, better Underlying data read error rate
05 0x05 Reallocated sectors count Lower, better Sector statistical value for reallocation
10 0x0a Spin retry count Lower, better Number of start-to-start retry attempts
184 0xb8 End-to-End error/ioedc Lower, better End-to-End Error
188 0xbc Command timeout Lower, better Command timeout
196 0xc4 Reallocation event count Lower, better Remap operation count
197 0xc5 Current pending sector count Lower, better Currently waiting sector count
198 0xc6 Offline uncorrectable Lower, better Total number of unrecoverable sectors
201 0xc9 Soft read error rate Lower, better Soft read/write error rate
230 0xe6 Drive Life Protection Status Higher and better Drive Life Protection Status
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Smart hard disk status detection

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