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Smartbox is the main tool for smartsoft users to manage messages. It can implement the following functions:
1. receive and send emails between internal users of the company;
2. Check the status of processes you are concerned about, such as the sent process, completed process, and deleted process;
3. Open or view the selected process in the process viewer. You can view information about each process, such as related documents and process history;
4. Send the process to the next node;
Smartbox Manager interface introduction:
Message list icon
Icon Meaning of the icon
Message Type, refer to "message/process type status "_
Current Process status
Message importance
Whether the process has expired
Message/process type status. The Inbox includes all the mail messages and flow messages received by the current user. The type status indicates the following:
Icon Meaning of the icon
Internal email messages marked as read
Internal email message that has not been read _
Initialized Process
Process marked as read
No reading process
User smartbox group type
Icon Meaning of the icon
Current user's smartbox, including inbox, sending and receiving, completion message, delete message _
Including incomplete processes and emails received
Including the sent process and email message
Includes completed process tasks
Includes deleted process messages and email messages.
1. Internal email system. There are two types of internal emails in smartsoft, namely, common mails and printed mails. The printed email must pass the lead review before the operator can receive it. This will be detailed in the print Management Section. There are two types of attachments in a common mail: 1. Document attachments. There is no document attachment limit, but there is a limit on the number of bytes, up to 50 MB. 2. Any smartsoft object. For example, select any data record as an attachment to the email in the query data table view.
As shown in figure: If you start writing a mail form in the context menu and select a data object, the data object is used as the data object attachment of the mail, the [Objects] button is highlighted. You can click it to view the attributes of the attachment object.
If you select the [send an Windows message] Option, Windows message will be sent to the recipient immediately after the email is sent successfully to notify the user. [Importance] You can set the mail importance level: low, normal, and high.
You can select Document attachments here.
View data object attachments. View document objects, such as the document management view.
2. smartflow process management system. Smartsoft process management mainly refers to the implementation of Dassault smarteam process management. At present, preliminary process modeling can be achieved, simple functions such as process task node setting owner and task flow by flow chart.
Note: smartflow is not completely complete and cannot process business data. Sorry. I was rejected by a talented leader, and it took too much effort to design and implement another person ......
Next, we will send several smartflow-related textures, sometimes playing a screen recording.
1. flowchart modeling.
1.1. Design flowchart. As shown in, the connection sent by the same node is different because of the different response names (accept/review). You can choose to implement parallel branch processing of the Process during execution. If the names are all the same, then all branches are executed.
1.2 set node tasks. There are three types of tasks: Descriptive tasks, smartsoft system operation tasks, specifying or writing code scripts, and implementing the. NET class library of smartsoft system interfaces. This function only implements a small part.
2. process initialization. You can start process initialization in smartbox or smartsoft system. Similar to emails, if you start the process through the context menu and select a data object, this object is used as an attachment object of the process, you can also add relevant documents in the process.
2.1. The property card displays the attributes of the current process.
2.2. the property card displays the attributes of the Data Object attachment.
2.3. The execution status of the current flowchart is displayed. The node border color indicates different States: Blue-the tasks that the user needs to process before, green-the completed node tasks, and pink-the node tasks that the next user is receiving. During the process flow, the node [Designer] has two types of responses: Review-only the [material] node receives the process task, and the other two nodes are short-circuited; accept -- nodes [QA] and [purchasing] can receive process messages, while others are short-circuited.
Is the execution result of the [review] response.
Third, smartbox function options. In smartbox, operations may be performed on mail/flow messages. The functions are described as follows:
Open: Open the selected process in the process browser. You can view the information related to the process and the attachment object and execute the task assigned to you by the process. This function is only valid for flow messages and invalid for emails;
View: In the process browser, you can view the process in read-only mode. You can view all relevant information, but cannot execute the tasks assigned to you. You can also open the mail in read-only mode, view the attachment information related to the email;
Capture: confirm the process task;
Decline: reject a process task. The system immediately sends a message to the corresponding administrator;

Mark as read/mark
Unread: Mark the selected email/process message as read/unread;

Delete: deletes mail/process messages;
Restore: restores the deleted message from the deleted mailbox to the inbox or inbox;
Delete to recycle: Delete the mail/flow message to the deleted mailbox;

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