SMB Services and the Configuration of NFS services

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Dhcp-> router automatically assigns address service
dns-"virtual Address

Configuration of the Samba service:
1. Installation Services corresponding to the package
2. Configure the server
3. Create a Client user account
4. Reboot the server
5. Use, Access Service
1.samba Service is a protocol for communication between Linux and Windows
Samba Service configuration:
Samba file Address:
[Root@localhost ~]# vim/etc/samba/smb.conf
Comment = Linux Samba Server
Public = yes
Path =/
writable = yes
[Root@localhost ~]# smbpasswd-a Root
Password: 123456
Password: 123456
3. Restart Samba service:
[Root@localhost ~]#/etc/init.d/smb Restart
4. Enter window access:\\192. 168.100. 93\share
So every time you connect to re-enter the account number, password

We can open my Computer in window, select the mapped network drive in the toolbar,
In the pop-up window to fill in your own IP address, you can not enter the account every time, password.

The NFS service is a protocol for communication between Linux and Linux

NFS Service configuration:
NFS reboot:
[Root@localhost ~]# Vim/etc/exports
2./opt * (rw, Sync,no_root_squash) *-> says that allowing everyone to mount their own Linux system,no_root_squash-> means that the client is logged in as root,root_squash-> means that the access end is logged into the client as normal,
#/opt client access to this IP address
#/opt 192.168.100-allows all clients of this segment (100) to access the client
Save exit after modification.
3. Restart NFS Services:
[Root@localhost ~]#/etc/init.d/nfs Restart
4. Mount the Ip:mount Mount to be accessed in the terminal//opt-> the other shared directory/mnt/usb-> mount point
5. Access to each other's Linux
6. Uninstall the mount point (after access to the other directory should immediately uninstall, if you have not been in time to uninstall the visit, the other side has disabled the user side of the visit, then your side of the client machine will crash yo)

You can also use this command to view each other's shared directory: Showmount-e

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