Software revolution in the Internet Age: SaaS Architecture Design

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Some time ago after reading the "Internet Age of Software Revolution: SaaS Architecture Design," The book, feeling quite deep. Although many enterprises in 2000 to engage in ASP (Application service Provider, application services provider), but rarely see someone can write a book to share some of the knowledge, this book although write later, but also in the software industry has done a meaningful thing.

In terms of content, the book outlines a combination of traditional software and Internet technologies, as well as servers, clusters, caching, distributed file systems, and cloud computing solutions. This book's overall style is more lively, borrow Jin Yong Martial arts characters fictional a start-up company's business to gradually explain the problem, make a technical book does not look boring. The book begins with a more detailed introduction to the concept of SaaS and some basic common sense. Then the larger space is to talk about the Web architecture related technologies, such as database layer, application layer, Web Layer performance optimization, configurable, scalable, and then described some programming security issues and offline applications, Finally, the implementation of cloud computing and the open API. There is no technical depth to speak of.

Many software companies are moving away from the traditional software industry to SaaS, and the book's target audience is the developers of these traditional software companies, who have to spend a lot of time and effort on their own, if only on their own, And the author of this book is some of the transformation of the developers summed up the experience, can help the latter quickly grasp the relevant knowledge, to avoid some detours, this knowledge-sharing spirit worthy of praise.

However, this book also has some deficiencies, for example, the title is "SaaS Architecture design," misleading beginners to think that SaaS is a development technology, from the content, speaking of everything, every aspect is said, but many places do not go deep, the solution is too simplistic, it may be due to space problems, It is also possible to introduce developers to the door and let developers explore for themselves. In addition, the book too much to join Alibaba Company's content a bit of a failure, which makes the book's neutrality, and may cause resentment of peer developers, known as "the first domestic full introduction of SaaS application Development book", let people feel speculation suspicion, Of course, this strategy for the promotion of the company's brand name and visibility or play a big role, but also a new form of corporate marketing, this way to book marketing in the software industry is still very rare, is a low-cost and high return of the marketing approach.

On the whole, writing a book on the entire software industry is a meaningful thing, this willingness to share the knowledge of the spirit is worth learning and promotion.

Finally, I bought this book from the Network of excellence, and the delivery time only took a day, and it was too soon.

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