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"Thinking can be complicated, but action must be simple ."

Every Hitachi will be far less simple than it looks, understanding the complex connotation behind it helps to grasp and use it. However, if you care too much about its complexity, leaving the Left or Right foot will become a problem.

1.Is the problem solved?

In the previous article saving every Hitachi Conference, we should have achieved the first goal: "thinking can be complicated ". To do a good job, Hitachi needs complicated thinking, attention to all aspects, and even change itself. Maybe you will be excited and want to apply it to the actual situation next time. However, if the problem arises, you will find that the method in the previous article is too complicated and lacks operability for you. The lack of operability means that it cannot be implemented, and it cannot bring substantial help to the team. Isn't that just a buzz.

What should I do? This makes me difficult. Well, it's a trick.

Why can experienced agile coaches do this? What are the differences between Coach practices?

2.This trick is really amazing.

There are actually different ways for coaches. For a conversation:

COACH: "Can you tell me about every Hitachi meeting ?"

Scrummaster (or Team): "Not bad !" "Bad !"

COACH: "Can you tell me how it is done now ?"

Scrummaster (or Team): "..."

3 questions, no more than 15 minutes

COACH: "Think about how you feel if you have a meeting like this for two consecutive years at work every morning? Do you want to come to the meeting ?"

Scrummaster (or Team): "..."

Er, it usually feels vomiting. The coach took out the paper towel thoughtfully. (Joke)

COACH: "If it is two years now, you are still passionate about every Hitachi. What do you think makes you do this ?"

Scrummaster (or Team): "…… So"

Together, coaches and teams imagine what is perfect for every Hitachi meeting.

COACH: "Very good. Assuming that every Hitachi would be very good at that time, how many points do you think every Hitachi will be able to get ?"

Scrummaster (or Team): "5 points" (just a few minutes, it cannot be very good anyway .)

COACH: "To what extent do you think we can score 6 points ?" (The coach knows that it is very difficult to do this at one time)

The coach and scrummaster (Team) determine the current working status and the goals that can be achieved in the next step.

COACH: "How can we achieve 6 points? What can be done now ?"

The coach and scrummaster (Team) jointly develop the latest plan.

What the coach does is very simple. You can also try it.

"Thinking can be complicated, but action must be simple ."

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