Software Process Model

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Software Process Model
  • Waterfall Model: The basic development activity is regarded as a series of distinct independent stages, which is a kind of program-driven software process, which is helpful to standardize software development activities.

  • Prototyping: A prototype is a partially developed product that strengthens the understanding of the system, helps clarify requirements, and selects viable design strategies.

  • Iterative development: combine different activities, such as description, development, and validation, to build a series of versions during the development process and to progressively deliver parts of the system.

  • Convertible Model: use automated means to transform requirements specifications into a system that can be delivered using a series of transformations.

Waterfall model

The iterative nature of software development

Iterative development

  • Release products more quickly
  • Pursuit of product innovation
  • High demand uncertainty
  • Need to respond quickly to user changes
  • Focus on user behavior

Incremental Model: Gradually add functionality to each new release until you construct the full functionality.
Iterative Model: Start by submitting a complete system that complements each subsystem's functionality in subsequent releases.

Convertible model

Software Process Model

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