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Perhaps you will say that the printing material with the printer is not simple, first run the document editing program, and then enter the material content in the editing window, and then the appropriate layout editing, and finally click the "print" command can print out the material, which has such trouble. Indeed, the current operation of printing materials simplifies a lot, content typesetting editing is done almost automatically by the software, and the printing parameters can be set by default. However, when you print out the hard input of the document, we may find that the printed document has a much different effect than the actual editing page. Why does the printing effect appear to be out of shape? In fact, there are many factors causing the printing effect to be out of shape, and different factors need to be solved by different methods. This is not, this article from a number of angles, to introduce you to reject the print effect of the spirit of the trick.

  Modify Document Printing options

Many document printing effects are often controlled by the print options in the document editing software, and if these print options are not set properly, the printing effect is inevitable. For example, in the word editing software that we usually use most, there are many options that directly affect how the document is printed, and to prevent the Word document from printing out of effect, we need to turn off all the items in the print option that affect the output. For example, if you enable the draft printing feature in the Word editing window, the printer will cancel all the effects in the document when it prints the document, so that the output's document effect is completely different from the actual editing. When you check that printing options in Word enable the draft printing feature, you can click Options under Tools menu items in its editing interface, and then click the Print tab in the following settings interface to see if the draft Output option is selected in the Figure 1 interface. If this option is already selected, we must uncheck it. In addition, if you use a draft font or dynamic text effect in a Word document, the font effect and the effect printed on the actual edit page will be biased, in order to avoid such deviations, we try to use the normal font and the general effect in text editing as much as possible; to do this, We can click the Tools menu item in the editing interface, click the Options item from the pop-up Drop-down menu, click the View tab in the corresponding Options settings box, and then uncheck the draft font item in the corresponding label page.

  Use the default color scheme

In general, the printer in the production process of a variety of built-in printing color configuration scheme, where the default print color configuration scheme, often to meet the majority of ordinary users print requirements. But there are some users who are more fastidious about printing requirements, in order to make the printing effect personalized, often choose to set up a printing color configuration scheme; Unfortunately, these users do not know much about color, so in the custom print color, often choose a print color configuration does not meet their own requirements, The results of the printed page effect and actual editing when the screen displayed on the page effect is very different, unclear on the rationale of the friend also think that the printer itself has failed! In order to avoid the printing effect caused by the color scheme error, We can use the following procedure to restore the default color configuration scheme for the printer:

Click the start/Set/Printers and Faxes command, and in the Pop-up Printer List window, right-click the target printer icon, perform the Properties command from the pop-up shortcut menu, and open the printer's property settings window;

Click the Color Management tab in the window, then, in the label page shown in Figure 2, check to see if we have selected a "manual" color scheme, and if so, please select the "Auto" option in the tab page and click the OK button; Reuse the printer to try to print the document material, I believe the page effect will not be distorted!

  Repair Damaged font fonts

If in the process of unloading the application or deleting the material, accidentally remove or destroy some font files in the system fonts, the printer will not be able to print the contents of the document as soon as it contains the damaged font fonts. The printed effect looks like it's morphing. To avoid the printing effect of font deletion or damage, we should try to cancel all of the complex font formats in the document editing interface as much as possible and instead use those common fonts to edit the contents of the manuscript. In addition, once found in the printed page of garbled phenomenon, indicates that some of the system's print font files are damaged, you need to open the System's Control Panel window and double-click the font icon, in the Pop-up Font File List window, click the "File"/"Install new Font" command in the menu bar ( As shown in Figure 3), you can then reinstall the damaged font files in the next Open Font installation window.

  Correct operation of printer

See such a title, you may feel a little puzzled, the printer operation should not be able to print, how can affect the printing effect? In fact, the operation of the printer and the printing effect also has a direct connection. For example, the front control panel of a printer is usually used to maintain cleanliness and convenience, opening the panel should be easy; however, when we open the Panel must be two hands at the same time force, if the two hand force uneven, or for the figure quickly want to use a hand to open the front panel, it is easy to cause it deformation phenomenon, A long time will print out the direction of the paper to change, which will affect the printing effect. Another example is that the printer's pallet placement operation is also very simple, but many users in the operation of the map, often do not pull the paper frame completely open, or even pull it off, this will lead to the outside of the body of the paper part of the sagging phenomenon, thus affecting the neatly placed print, As a result, the resulting printed page may appear skewed. From the above example we are not difficult to find, learn the correct print operation is also to avoid the distortion of the printing effect one way.

  Refuse to disassemble a printer at random

Printer belongs to an electronic mechanical equipment, it is the most prone to failure after a long period of time overload is the mechanical transmission part, in the printing process, once you encounter ink-jet plug or paper jam failure, must follow the instructions to the step-by-step approach to the investigation. If the user can not repair their own, regardless of whether the printer is in the warranty period, must not arbitrarily disassemble, should be sent to professional repair point to repair, because the user to remove the printer at will easily lead to its internal mechanical transmission part of the change in position, and thus prone to print effect aliasing

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