Solution for network disconnection of the dm3730 Development Board (beagleboard-XM, sbc8530)

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I bought the sbc8530 single-board machine of timll for development. The manual page says it is compatible with the beagleboard-XM interface. It is made according to the pictures of others. You can use it as needed. However, it is also a luxury to use it. network interfaces are not available. After you enter the system and run ifconfig, there is only one Lo, and no Nic can be found. The attempt to load the kernel through NFS and TFTP also fails. In U-boot, no Nic or DHCP or tftpboot commands were seen at all. No way. I can only look forward to the powerful power of Google.
With the help of Google, I found a solution. The original post address is appended to the end. If you need it, you can check it. The method here is based on link 1. The first thing to note is that the Ethernet of the above two development boards is connected through USB, so their names are not common eth0, but USB 0 and usb1, pay attention to this when setting. The procedure is as follows:

  • Run ifconfig-a to view all network devices. Here, we can see Lo, USB 0, and usb1.
  • Add the following content to the/etc/interfaces file:

Auto usb1

Iface usb1 Inet DHCP

  • In this way, the usb1 address will be automatically allocated at each startup. I don't know why usb1 is not USB 0, but who cares can be used. Ping the IP address of the host or virtual machine and check whether the network connection is normal.

Then you can use TFTP to transfer the file, very nice

However, there is still a problem left over and I don't understand. In U-boot, use USB start to start the USB subsystem, but no USB device can be found. Of course, no Nic can be found, the attempt to use NFS or TFTP to load the kernel is still attempted. This can only be solved by senior personnel.

Link 1: /? P = 187

Link 2:

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