Solution of network delay in Win7 system

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Solution of network delay in Win7 system

1, first of all, we have to ensure that there is no ARP attack on the LAN. This can be solved by turning on the "360ARP Firewall" in the computer. Open traffic Firewall (available in the more features list).

2, from the open "360 Flow Firewall" interface, switch to the "LAN Protection" tab, open "ARP Active defense" to prevent the occurrence of Lan ARP attacks. So as to ensure the normal flow of speed.

3, next we need to limit or reasonable allocation of LAN computer network speed. Login Router Admin interface, switch to "Advanced Settings"-"DHCP Client List" tab, assign static IP address for your computer device

4, then switch to the "Broadband Control" tab, check the "Enable Broadband control" option, while setting the IP address range and to limit the speed, will be in addition to their own computer speed restrictions. As shown in the figure:

5, through the above method, basically can solve the problem of high network delay. Of course, if the router does not have the speed limit function, we also need to use the "aggregated network management" to achieve restrictions on LAN computer network function.

6, install and run the "Aggregated Network Management" program, in its main interface click the "Configuration Policy" button, from the pop-up window to create a "limited LAN speed" new strategy.

7, from the Open "Edit Policy" interface, switch to the "Broadband Control" tab, check "Enable the host public network broadband control" option, while setting up "uplink bandwidth" and "Downlink bandwidth", click "OK" to complete the setup.

8, click the "Enable monitoring" to the right of the Drop-down button, select "Active boot" mode, and click the "Enable Monitoring" button to list the current LAN all the hosts.

9, from the listed LAN host to find the computer to occupy a larger network, right click to select the "Select Host assigned Policy" item. and select the newly created policy from the "Reload Assignment Policy" window that pops up.

10, special for playing online games when the delay is high, small series suggest you use online games to accelerate the tool to achieve accelerated online network delay to reduce the target.

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