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Use a few common sense of a notebook

notebook computer's first big ring is to fall, notebook computers are generally installed in a portable bag, put the bag must be placed in a safe place. Note that when the computer is placed in the bag, it must be zipped up, or the zipper will be opened after the computer must be taken out. The author of a notebook computer is because the zipper is not in time to take out after the other after the processing of the computer forget the zipper has been opened, the result of the package was put up after the computer fell to the ground, which is the experience of bitter lessons. In addition, because the notebook computer is to always carry away, so inevitably will bumps, and notebook computer does not stand bump, so should be extra careful.

is afraid of dirty

on the one hand, laptops are often taken to different environments and are more easily soiled than desktops, on the other hand, because laptops are very sophisticated and therefore less resistant than desktops, they require careful care. In addition, most laptops have a portable package that is not waterproof.

to ban the

if it is a desktop, even if you do not understand the computer, it may not have serious consequences, while the notebook computer is different, screw the next screws can cause trouble. After years of laptop computer, I didn't dare to open it completely. Not only a little inattentive may tear it down, and the computer that has been disassembled, the manufacturer may not accept the warranty. So there are usually hardware problems, it is best to find manufacturers to deal with. The

also adds to the experience that buying a laptop computer must buy a brand-name manufacturer. As a result of various parts of the notebook computer versatility is not very good, many are not easy to buy in the accessories market, after 32 years, not brand-name manufacturers, even the agency can not find, how to talk about a service.

Fewer light drives

Optical drives are the most aging parts of the computer, and most of the laptop drives are no exception. Notebook computer CD-ROM is a special product, damaged after the replacement is more troublesome, so to cherish the use. Using a laptop to see a VCD or listening to music is not a good habit, the replacement of notebook computer CD-ROM drive enough money you buy an advanced VCD machine or CD Walkman, why do you want to see the CD on the laptop computer? Besides, the picture and sound effects on the laptop are also very flat.

Carefully install software

Laptops are mainly for mobile office services, on the laptop should be installed only you know that there is no problem of software, do not take a notebook computer to try some you do not grasp the software. The software on the notebook computer does not install too miscellaneous, the system is too miscellaneous to be unavoidable to cause some conflict or such such problem, hidden trouble. In addition, laptops should be wary of viruses, because you are likely to meet some people or occasions, to use your computer to look at floppy disks or discs.

Save Driver

Notebook hardware drivers have a number of very targeted drivers, so do a good backup and attention to save. If it is a public computer, the handover should be noted that the driver of the notebook computer after the loss to gather but more trouble.

Note the use of the environment

The laptop has circuitry and components on it, and be careful not to use it near a strong magnetic field. Of course, you can not use the plane, this point stewardess will remind you. Do not put the notebook computer for a long time in direct sunlight window, often in direct sunlight to accelerate the aging shell. The

problem with heat dissipation

Thermal problems may be one of the challenges in the design of a notebook computer. Due to space and energy constraints, it is impossible to install a large fan in a laptop like the one used in a desktop computer. I took apart one of my Pentium-class laptops and saw that there was only one sheet of thin metal on the CPU, and that the rest of the heat might have to be distributed by the chassis floor. Therefore, when used to pay attention to your machine to maintain good ventilation conditions, do not block the cooling hole, and if the machine is through the bottom plate heat dissipation, do not put the machine long-term placed in the heat of the bad conductor to use.

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