Some examples in the study of grotesque behavior

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  Affirm: This book has seen before, oneself did not summarize, the following story is the book review of the Watercress South Bridge brother, and so I read the second time in the evaluation

• For some time, in order to suppress the company to the CEO disorderly rise wage behavior, the U.S. media began to give the CEO public pay, and ranked. As a result, the CEO's wages have risen even more, because the rich look at the super rich at this time;
• Whether you are satisfied with your salary, depends on how much money your wife's brother-in-law earns, because your wife will go with her sister. (H. L. Mencken language);
• A young man with a salary of 100,000 after graduation is unhappy. The boss asked him how much you had expected: "30,000." "Then 100,000 why not happy?" "Because of the classmate party, that very bad guy earns 300,000!" "The author suggested that when attending the reunion, I saw a group of people boasting in the glass, and hurried on, don't give yourself to find sin."
• You buy a pen, a shop sells 25, b stores sell 18, you will run 15 minutes to shop B for this 7 dollars. You buy a piece of clothing, a shop sells 455, b stores sell 448, the same saves 7 dollars, you do not want to run 15 minutes to shop B.
• When buying a house, there are two kinds of houses with different properties, this time the real estate agent will give you the recommendation of the House, the third house and a very similar, but the roof to repair. Faced with a B when you are difficult to choose, and appear after you have to choose a, and a is often the agent to sell you the house, this is called decoy, like a blind date when the light bulb. It is often the case that people look for objects, and sometimes it may not be a matter of careful consideration of the merits and benefits of each other, but because the object has a distinct strength to do with someone else. So it's not rational to look for objects. What about a rational person? The rational man may not have been married.

The fallacy of supply and demand:
• Most of the time, there is no demand in the world, but the people who sell it come and demand it. Italian James Assael sold Swiss watches in America during World War II and sold them to soldiers. After World War II, lots of watches were in stock. He sold them to the Japanese, but they had no money, but they had pearls, and James traded his watch for Pearls and became the Pearl King. Pearl King later with people mining black pearls. At that time there was no market at all for black pearls, and they could not be sold. One day, James found a jeweler, put the Black pearl and the most expensive one gem together, marked a high price, from then on, the Black Pearl has become a valuable jewel. The authors say that this first impression is caused by the pricing called "anchoring" (anchor), meaning that the first price is easily considered a reasonable price. This pricing is not based on the cost plus profit index, but rather with the first impression of "anchoring".
• Chinese Shaolin Temple, open shop selling martial arts cheats, pricing 9999. Is it worth the 9999? No, it's scary that the first time you see this price, you think it's worth the price. Of course you can buy 9999, afraid of a few days out of a stall version, on the trouble. Of course, I'm not going to be anchored in Kung Fu's strength. This case is supplemented by me.

Social costs:
• The book example, Lao Wang to mother home to eat, very delicious, after dinner old Wang to mother said: "Mom, this meal delicious, I give you 300 dollars?" ... 400 bucks? At that time, mother's chin would surely fall, and the Wang Yu Empress's eyes would fall. Why, because of this argument, breaks a line between "social norms" (social norms) and "market norms".
Wang later decided to give mother a bottle of good wine, but also get happy. Conclusion: You do not use market rules to deal with interpersonal problems, but small gifts are exceptions.
• Social norms actually look like 0 cost, in fact high cost. Like sex, Woody Allen said: The most expensive is free. This question remembers that someone has discussed it in detail before and does not repeat it.
• If you move the couch at home, ask your neighbour to help, and your neighbors will be happy. You can help the neighbors when they need them, but if you say I pay, you may offend. But if you move all the neighbors to the house, and reluctant to use a moving company, you may be the neighbors greatly offended. Because you misuse "social norms" to evade "market norms".
• If you can solve the problem with money, never owe a high-cost debt to the human.
• A nursery school where parents pick up their children are sometimes late. After making the rules, the penalty for late is received. Who knows that after making this rule, more late, more comfortable. More interestingly, the high level of lateness did not come down after the penalty was lifted.

Some examples in the study of grotesque behavior

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