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After reading "Building Facebook", I thought there were some interesting things in it.

Facebook is a hacker culture, which is somewhat the same as Google's engineer culture. hacker spirit drives Facebook's development. engineers have a high position in the company and are productized engineers, engineers are encouraged to challenge their own limits. Unlike most traditional IT companies, there is no obvious division of labor, and their autonomy is relatively high, which can affect the development of products.

Zuckerberg communicates with employees every Friday to reveal the company's development information and try a transparent and equal corporate culture. It is rare to have equal conversations between directors and employees. I don't know if Zuckerberg will do the same now.

Facebook's philosophy of talent is to recruit first-class talents, and never employ second-class Talents. second-class talents will not cooperate with second-class talents. I'm curious about whether the first-class Talents, that is, Daniel, are high-performing or not very cooperative.

Facebook is a training camp for new recruits. Every new employee has to perform two months of intensive training to introduce the company's culture, products, and technologies. Like the special forces we have seen before, every cainiao must undergo devil-like training. This is conducive to understanding new people, cultivating friendship, and enhancing the company's internal cohesion. Many Internet companies in China now have corresponding training courses.

On Facebook, there is a "hacker a month" plan. Here we call it the rotation system. When a person is very skilled in a job, he will feel that there is no challenge. This is the most boring thing for first-class talents. In this way, you can apply for another group with the lead, as long as the other group accepts it. This can reduce the employee turnover rate.

Facebook has a strong tool culture. One of the most memorable words in it is to automate the good habits that most people keep repeating. Good habits can be ensured through continuous publicity and manual review, but it is best to provide tools to automate them. This is widely used in Silicon Valley, but most domestic companies are still relatively weak in this regard. It may be a relatively high cost compared with Silicon Valley engineers. They need to invest their time in more valuable things rather than manual review or process.


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