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The major feature of the publication of computer science is that it attaches great importance to meetings, while journals are generally used only for re-Publ.
. Most JournalsArticleThey are all extended versions of conference papers, and there are few journals at the beginning. Because
In this way, the influence factors of computer journals are as low as an astonishing degree, and top publications are usually only about 1 to 2 ---- cited
Is usually a conference paper, rather than a long time later published Journal version. Therefore, we need to discuss the Pu of computer science.
Blication, the first point that must be emphasized is totally forget about if.

In addition, the vast majority of computer science journals and most of the "good" conferences are very limited in size.
. Many good journals only post dozens or even three or four papers in the first phase, some of which are either quarterly or dual monthly. Many good meetings
Only 30 or 40 or even 20 papers are hired each year. Therefore, when you find that there are several computer Fields
And several top-level publications.

The best journal in computer science is journal of the ACM (jacm ). This publication is the official academic publication of ACM.
To the most extensive respect. However, since the journal claims that it only published papers that have a long-term impact on computer science
Inevitably there is theory bias ). In fact: Although jacm's scope includes
Most computer fields, however, most of the papers published areAlgorithmComplexity, graph theory, combined mathematics, and other pure
It is difficult for papers in other fields to enter the essence of theory.

Another publication that has a major impact on the computer science field is communications of the ACM (CACM ). Slave
In a sense, CACM is much more like nature/science than jacm. Jacm was posted on a long story, full of paper
Definition, theorem, and proof of the concept, not to mention that the average reader is not able to see it, and even experts in very similar fields may not be able to understand it. While
CACM is magazine, which is both a high-level academic paper and a summary, as well as a variety of popular science articles and news. That is
Is the paper, CACM also requires that the article must be easy to understand, not the pursuit of strict proof of mathematics, but the pursuit of easy to understand
Intuitive description. Over a decade or so ago, CACM's articles were almost all classic. However, in recent years
The academic quality of the database is reduced slightly.

IEEE transaction on computers is the IEEE's best computer publication. However, due to the characteristics of IEEE
Focus more on computer engineering than on computer science. In other words, IEEE transaction on
Computers mainly published systems, architecture, hardware and other fields, although its scope has been
More extensive than most publications.

In terms of publication quality, the ACM transactions series are generally higher than the IEEE Transactions series,
And cannot be generalized. Most ACM transactions are the best publications or one of the best publications in this field. Large
Some IEEE Transactions are good publications in this field, but they also have the best or average.
Non-ACM/IEEE publications also have good or even the best. For example, Siam Journal on computing is considered to be
One of the best academic journals.

Conference papers in Computer Science actually play a greater role than published papers. Most meetings are held once a year.
And occasionally every other year. Regular conference papers require two-way or one-way reviews by two or more reviewers
Name review, and all received papers will be officially published in the collection.

Most ACM conferences are top-level or good conferences in this field. Most IEEE conferences are excellent in this field.
But there are also top-level or average.

The Conference grade can usually be expressed by the paper recording rate. Top-level meetings are usually around 20% or lower, sometimes
About 10%. The lowest rate I know is 7%. Good meetings are usually around 30%. When it reaches 40% or more,
The Conference has a very general reputation. More than 60% of meetings are usually hard to be respected.

But there are also exceptions. The usage of the well-known stoc (ACM Symposium on Theory of computing) reaches 30.
% Or above, but it is undoubtedly the best meeting in terms of theory. This is mainly because of theoretical work.
There are not many authors, and most people are respectful and afraid of stoc.

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