Some places to be aware of when using Dsoframer in projects

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The Dsoframer plugin, which helps us to invoke Microsoft's Office suite on the page, is commonly used with Word and Excel, and most importantly because it is FREE!!!

Of course, free plug-ins, must be more or less unsatisfactory, such as compatibility, stability, etc., need to improve

I am a Java farmer, not familiar with the internal principles of Windows These plug-ins, there is no time to study carefully.

If the operation of Word and other high requirements, or the use of fees, or some of the domestic OA system compare hanging Company's products better

Okay, back to the chase.

After a test, I summarize the following:

1, the machine to install a office2003,2007 or 2010,2013, such as one version, there is WPS or OpenOffice and other free office software is not supported, in addition, if Office and WPS and other software mixed together, there will be some inexplicable problems, So the best thing to do is to install only office stuff.

2, please make sure to use the browser is IE browser, recommended with IE6,IE8 (the best effect), tested IE9,IE10 can support the use of other browsers such as: Chrome,safari,firefox, etc., are not supported

3, please ensure that the browser is using 32-bit Internet Explorer, the system does not support the 64-bit IE browser. Specific viewing methods, such as the following "64-bit Edition", prove the use of the browser for 64-bit IE browser

4, when the page opens Word document, if the following warning box pops up

Say what the Internet explorer-Security Warning, unknown publisher and so on, in fact, this problem really encountered more,

This is actually IE security options set high, and free dosframer generally not to data signing problems, so IE will be stopped, not to install plug-ins

How to solve it?


Check for data signature issues

Open the Ie-tool-internet option-Advanced

Put the "Allow to run or install software even if the signature is invalid" option on the Tick

OK, so finish, turn off IE, reopen, try again, generally speaking, there should be no problem ~ ~ ~

If there is still interception, you can go to "safe" set up

In that case, turn those (unsafe) ones on.

After the Dosframer plugin has been successfully installed, you can restore these security items to the original

I found so much for the time being, welcome advice

Finally recommend a Dosframer blog, I think it is very good, if you need to use Dosframer friends, it is estimated to use

The address is as follows:

Ben Bo finish!

Some places to be aware of when using Dsoframer in projects

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