Some research on deferred Shading

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During this time, I read about the deferred ShadingArticleTo sum up, I still cannot use it.

The key is
1. The memory consumption is too large, and it cannot be transplanted to the console. You must know that there are still 4-7 lives in PS3 and xbox360 ~ 5 years
2. It is of little help to the rendering environment of the main outdoor environment, and has a greater gain for the interaction of multiple indoor light sources
3. Alpha blend is not supported. Therefore, forward rendering is required for blending.

Of course, the advantage is that there are some ideas that are exquisite and beautiful, and there will be a lot of use in the future.

Of course, it is not suitable to use the full deferred shadering rendering mode, but some of his ideas can still be used. For example, the depth graph of the scenario obtained by crysis is used for volume fog, soft particle, height fog for out-door, and water fog. It stores the viewpoint depth to the alpha channel of framebuffer, which is a concept of deferred shading.

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