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Last night, suddenly insomnia, not sleep overnight. Think of a lot of things

Every semester at the end of the semester at the beginning of their own always feel too simple too naive. Last chat Lys said right, for a white paper beginner, a although old but detailed slightly appropriate concise Chinese classic textbook is more appropriate. SDU used the original TENENBUAM book when teaching materials make her want to vomit, also let me see foggy unintelligible. However, after all, foreign textbooks are foreign textbooks, some books really can be turned over for a lifetime. For a chestnut: Remember after the Csapp in the C cache after the lesson directly gave a bunch of code, compare the efficiency of different definitions of variables, and then a bunch of expansion of knowledge balabala "However, Grandma Tang's group of books behind only computational problems calculation problems." A little bit later will also explain the new technology in Core i7, Hyper-threading, SSD, and so on, and so on strange things. The close fitting of practice and cutting-edge technology is always the domestic textbook will never catch up.

Remember last year at this time still in thus argue "do not do GPA slave", but now has become the slave of GPA. Even a 2-credit class is enough to spoil my peace. In fact, apart from a few important core courses, the only use of GPA may be to go abroad. About going abroad, has been not so strong determination must go out or what. Because the feeling no matter where to read, are to learn knowledge, delve into their favorite areas, the difference is only in what kind of environment can be more conducive to their own learning. To take a glittering offer too important it is short-sighted and not conducive to lifelong development. Individuals feel that studying abroad is to be able to access better learning resources, broaden their horizons and find a bigger world. Can get the best offer, do not go out also really does not matter. See a lot of students have a hard time to get to the famous school but met the pit tutor and then live than die of the story "This may be the domestic postgraduate training system widely criticized the reason." It is particularly important that the selection of tutors in the postgraduate stage is particularly important. Even in the middle of the country, it is much better to meet a mentor who really appreciates each other than to go to top labs abroad and be crushed to the bottom. To be honest, the IT industry is more fair and open than other industries, and personal talent is far more important than the empty stuff.

People are always eager to get outside the affirmation, it is very normal, but also very easy to get lost in other people's world. Domestic students are really too heavy to live: Seen a lot of excellent students, examinations, competitions, offer, has become the whole world. Have seen a lot of teachers and parents pyramid-like education, first of all the children critically useless, followed by crazy beating chicken blood, instilled in a pile of "efforts to success" and the like chicken soup. But what exactly is successful? It depends. The different people have different answers. It's great to fight the field, but is it loser to sit around and applaud people?

Let's just ramble on about this.

The above text is randomly generated with CNN, and I have nothing to do with it.

Some weird stuff.

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