Sometime, good things are double.

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Today I am really excited, there are two things to be happy about. Had to record it.

Sometime, let's talk about the meaning here.

// Insert [Murphy's Law of success] when you do one thing in the process of encountering a lot of difficulties, a lot of non-thinking things, a lot of inexplicable obstacles when you solve these are difficult, but the results are unknown, you may be more successful than smooth sailing.

I am a fan of the Tao culture, there are all things between heaven and earth are yin and yang, Yin Yang, Yang Yin, negative yin embrace yang. So when you do something with a lot of inexplicable resistance, don't be too pessimistic, maybe it's a good thing. I just summed up these crooked theories, I am a metaphysical enthusiast, at present, not how to develop, there will be time to learn slowly.

Tell me about my soft test, it was really difficult, and luck also accounted for a large part. I can say the test is more difficult ah, the exam is Saturday, the day the department went out to travel, the result of time conflict (1), did not go to play, went to the exam. To the examination room, into the exam without identity card (2), thought to hang up, want to take a taxi back, and come not anxious, listen to the doorman said can go to the police station to open the certificate, the result of taxi to not open the door (3) (later know I find the wrong place), finally another taxi to find, opened the proof, At last, I finished the test successfully. From above (1) (2) (3) All kinds of difficulties finally passed hope these hardships can bring me good luck. In fact, there are difficulties, because to go online assessment points, the morning hanging off, only a little more than 40. The whole person is not good. It has been a case of the past, this morning did not have (estimate). Today met a good thing, on-line search, the results can be divided, check out 45,47,49 results, the morning also past.

Good things come in pairs, talk about here.

// inserting [Murphy's Law of success] when you meet a good thing, you might get another good thing.

There is a lot of this in this life. Double Happiness Ah, playing Mahjong played the best, this is not even touch a few good cards?

Say I personally experience the situation, today the company engaged in a surprise attack, the end of a small commendation, I have. And then because the location is the top of the check-out situation. Really convoluted ah. But the ability to speak is really bad, I remember in school to get a prize to send a speech completely fearless Ah, although formerly also a stuffy character, now seems to be behind a lot of ...


1. The two laws are proposed (^ ^ ^). )

2. Have time to watch "Qi men dun Jia" "Plum Blossom Easy Number" two books

3. It is true that you should improve your ability to respond, speak, and communicate with others.

Sometime, good things are double.

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