Sony's new tie-iron headset

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Recently launched at the IFA Conference new flagship XBA-Z5, magnesium alloy shell, silver-plated OFC line, work than the current ring iron flagship XBA-H3 is obviously better than a grade, let people heart. I don't know if there is any problem to improve the wearing comfort of XBA-H3. This time, we have not released the traditional mobile circle flagship ex series. It seems that it has replaced exk to become the new generation flagship ear plug (the ex Listening Series will not be replaced by the Xba series ).

There is no spot evaluation, from the perspective of hardware parameters and XBA-H3 is not much difference. Rumors of the price is 3999, it is estimated that the price of online more than 3 K, compared to the current sale of only 1300 of the Super cost-effective XBA-H3 to the obvious lack of cost-effective.

In addition, there is a new in-ear PHA-3, support fiber input, support balanced output, better support for mobile phone digital input. The improvement is very large, but the estimated price is above 3k5.


Sony's new tie-iron headset

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